OLED smart glasses open New Vision for visually impaired

According to reports, an OLED smart glasses named Assisted Vision which has been developed by the Oxford University research team may help users with severe visual impairments to identify the object . how to wear the this pair of smart glasses is no different from that of the ordinary glasses, it is not using glass or resin lenses, but the OLED display and mini video cameras which can provide users with images of objects within the field of view .


According to incomplete statistics , 75% of blind people still retain some limited visual function, they can perceive light and movement. This smart glasses Assisted Vision can use the camera and software to detect objects and display objects on the OLED lenses of the glasses .

How the Assisted Vision works as follows : two miniature camera located on both sides of glasses will be like a human eye , capturing two different images. Subsequently, the glasses will display mage information the camera provide on the transparent OLED lenses, so that who is visually impaired and wearing the glasses can see an enhanced version of the image . Furthermore , the light intensity and color of OLED lens can be adjusted based on the actual situation of the wearer.

The glasses are also equipped with handset and text -to-speech software , which can help more people wearing glasses get around more of the object information . In addition , the glasses is also equipped with a GPS, a compass and an optical position measuring tool.

This smart glasses is currently only suitable for the visually impaired who is able to perceive the faint glow , but for completely invisible people , this spectacle does not work.

Undoubtedly, OLED is now more and more close to the people’s lives, in addition to providing  display for mobile phones and computer and other electronics , it is now combining  with the camera and the lens to bring light to the blind, how warm!We have to be stunned by the OLED technology!

Moreover,the organic LED  belongs to a class of the LED, with the fiery LED lighting applications,it has gained the growing recognition, but LED lighting is surely the main applications of the LED.

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Resource from http://www.lighting-ledlight.com/index.php/oled-smart-glasses-open-new-vision-for-visually-impaired/

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