How to improve the heat dissipation problem of LED lighitng products

In recent years,industry experts have been making efforts to improve the performance of heat dissipation of chip of high-power LED light such as COB LED flood light,they have raised the following points to improve the program :

COB Led Floodlight

1.By increasing the LED chip area is to increase the amount of light emitted .

2.Using several small LED chip to package .

3.Changing LED packaging materials and fluorescent materials.

Can these three methods completely improve the heat dissipation problem of high-power white LED products including the COB LED flood light? Actually striking ! First we though increases the area of LED chip in order to obtain more luminous flux (a few of light beams through per unit area within per unit time is the flux, the unit is ml) and achieve white effect we want, but because the actual area of chip of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights is too large , resulting in the opposite phenomenon occurs in some application process with structure. Can not the thermal problems of white power LED lighting products particularly the COB LED flood light solve? Certainly not,for the emergence of simply increasing the chip area, LED professional practitioners use several small LED chips and other ways to improve the surface of high-power LED wafer according to the electrode structure improvement and flip chip packaging structure thereby achieving 60lm / W high flux luminous but lower heat efficiency.

In fact, there is another way to effectively improve the heat dissipation problem of high-power chips of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights. That is, the previous plexiglass or plastic which is the packaging materials of COB LED flood light and other commercial or industrial power LED lights is replaced by silicone. Replacing the packaging material is not only able to solve cooling problems of LED chip but can improve white life of LED of COB LED flood light and other LED lamps, really double-edged sword. The silicone should be used as almost the packaging material of all of the high-power LED white light such as COB LED flood light products . Why must silicone be used as a packaging material of high-power LED light? Because the rate of silica gel absorption of the wavelength light is less than 1% . But the rate of epoxy absorption of 400-459nm light is up to 45% , it is easy to produce serious decline due to aging by the COB LED flood light and other LED lighting absorbing short-wavelength light.Taking a good look at for more information about the COB LED flood light.

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