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How to solve the cooling problems of LED chip of high-power white LED lights

With a wide range of high-power white LED applications including the COB LED flood light, the cooling problems of LED chip of high-power white LED lights such as COB LED flood light is urgently to solve in the actual life, high heat of LED chip is generated in a very small volume,but the heat capacity of the LED itself of COB LED flood light and other power LED lighting is small, these heat must be conducted as soon as possible otherwise it will have a very high junction temperature. We have been a lot of improvements on the chip of COB LED flood light and other power public LED lighting to leads the heat outside of the chip, the main improvement is the use of better thermal conductivity substrate material on the LED chip structure to improve the heat dissipation of the LED chip of power LED lights particularly the COB LED flood light and other power commercial and industrial LED lighting . because Cree ‘s LED thermal resistance use silicon carbide as the substrate , the thermal resistance is at least twice as low as that of other companies .

COB LED flood light

Even if thermal resistance can be solved from the chip to the package material, but the cooling effect is not good from the package to the PCB board, which cause that the temperature of LED chip of COB LED flood light and other power LED light rises, the phenomenon appears luminous efficiency decreases . So, just as the Panasonic want to solve this problem , the circular , linear, surface -type white LED, and PCB board have been designed into one since 2005 to overcome the heat problem because of the interruption emergence from the package to the PCB board .

Thus , in the face of constantly improving the current situation , while how to increase the heat capacity of the chip of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights is urgent to be overcome at this stage, in addition to the material itself, but also including the wafer and the heat resistance of the packaging material , heat resistance thermal structure, thermal structure between the packaging materials and the PCB board and the thermal structure of PCB , all of which of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights needs to be holistic considerations.Browsing for more information about the COB LED flood light.

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How to improve the heat dissipation problem of LED lighitng products

In recent years,industry experts have been making efforts to improve the performance of heat dissipation of chip of high-power LED light such as COB LED flood light,they have raised the following points to improve the program :

COB Led Floodlight

1.By increasing the LED chip area is to increase the amount of light emitted .

2.Using several small LED chip to package .

3.Changing LED packaging materials and fluorescent materials.

Can these three methods completely improve the heat dissipation problem of high-power white LED products including the COB LED flood light? Actually striking ! First we though increases the area of LED chip in order to obtain more luminous flux (a few of light beams through per unit area within per unit time is the flux, the unit is ml) and achieve white effect we want, but because the actual area of chip of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights is too large , resulting in the opposite phenomenon occurs in some application process with structure. Can not the thermal problems of white power LED lighting products particularly the COB LED flood light solve? Certainly not,for the emergence of simply increasing the chip area, LED professional practitioners use several small LED chips and other ways to improve the surface of high-power LED wafer according to the electrode structure improvement and flip chip packaging structure thereby achieving 60lm / W high flux luminous but lower heat efficiency.

In fact, there is another way to effectively improve the heat dissipation problem of high-power chips of COB LED flood light and other power LED lights. That is, the previous plexiglass or plastic which is the packaging materials of COB LED flood light and other commercial or industrial power LED lights is replaced by silicone. Replacing the packaging material is not only able to solve cooling problems of LED chip but can improve white life of LED of COB LED flood light and other LED lamps, really double-edged sword. The silicone should be used as almost the packaging material of all of the high-power LED white light such as COB LED flood light products . Why must silicone be used as a packaging material of high-power LED light? Because the rate of silica gel absorption of the wavelength light is less than 1% . But the rate of epoxy absorption of 400-459nm light is up to 45% , it is easy to produce serious decline due to aging by the COB LED flood light and other LED lighting absorbing short-wavelength light.Taking a good look at for more information about the COB LED flood light.

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What are the three factors affecting the price of Chinese LED lighting

There are several key factors affecting the price of LED lighting product including the COB LED flood light:


1, the Chinese enterprises without core technology

The vast majority of upstream core patents of LED industry lies in the hands of foreigners , Chinese enterprises specializing in COB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products have not mastered the core technology , although the capacity of manufacturing LED application products such as COB LED flood light and other finished LED products in China,accounting for 50 % share in the world , but it does account for at least part of the profits.

The main cost of LED lighting is that of LED chip , as long as the prices of chip down , LED lumen unit can be reduced considerably with that of the energy-saving lamps . With the process , the number grow,the costs of LED chip using larger wafers will continue to reduce, of which the rate low by 20% annually in recent years , among the factor on prices of LED chip,the price also includes the enhancement of the efficiency of light, the same price is used to buy a better product , so there is still a significant price cut of the LED chip.

2, it is difficult to cool for LED application products especially the high power LED lights such as COB LED flood light

The cost of cooling maintains the 5% , the effective cooling design is very simple , there are two directions which should know: First , for the LED chip and the path of exterior heat sink, the shorter the better ; Second , heat resistance , which is to have adequate heat conduction path and sufficient ” cooling path .”  of which the cost main lie in that of the structure , the cost of structure accounts for about 20% in that of designing the COB LED flood light and other LED lights,the costs is not much for cooling. The biggest problem now is how to create more creative , more reasonable structure design .

3, LED power supply applications

Power is weakest part of COB led flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting , restricting the development of LED lighting . Design account for about 20% costs of LED lighting, some of which is higher , with the development of technology, the power accounting for about 5-10 % of the cost of the whole COB led flood light and other LED lighting applications is the most reasonable.

Compared to the other afterlife , in fact, the cost of LED light source including the commercial COB LED flood light is not high, especially LED light is known as excellent environmental protection, energy saving, no mercury , and the price of COB LED flood lightand other LED lighting applications are sliding down at every quarter of year, the price of LED lighting will be able to reach an acceptable level of people sooner of later.Browsing for the better understanding of COB LED flood light.

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Panasonic commercial LED lighting breaks million units shipped

Panasonic announced in a press release on the 12th December 2013 that Japanese companies have imported LED lighting products especially commercial LED lighting such as commercial COB LED flood light because of promoting energy policy, so the shipments of “basic integrated LED light iD series” of commercial (office / factory use) LED Lighting product including COB LED flood light manufactured / sold by its lighting subsidiary “Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company (hereinafter referred to as PCESC)” ‘ have exceeded 100 million mark in Japan, as since December 2012 on sale, which has reached this milestone for lasted less than a year and the time when shipping of commercial COB LED flood light and other commercial LED lights will broken hundred million units by the end of March 2014 is expect to be nearly four months earlier than that of Panasonic’s original self-assessment.

COB LED flood light

iD series can be Like a fluorescent lamp, remove the LED from commercial COB LED flood light and other LED lighting fixtures to be replaced, and it can simply change the lighting brightness, light color, Panasonic and plans to launch the new products automatically reducing the brightness as long as nobody is sensed on February 2014.

According to the Sankei Shimbun noted that, LED lighting products such as the COB LED flood light accounted for approximately 45% of the overall commercial lighting of the Panasonic products.Browsing,you must not be disappointed to find optional and competitive COB LED flood light.

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What are differences between COB LED flood lights and traditional floodlight

COB LED flood light is totally different from traditional floodlight, not only in light-emitting principle but also in the structure is also a great difference. the COB LED flood lightcurrently mass replacement of the traditional floodlights, we need to understand what are these differences between COB LED flood lights and traditional floodlight.

productive process of COB LED flood light

1, the electrical box of traditional floodlight requires mining lamp ballasts, capacitors mining lamp triggers and other accessories , and COB LED floodlight only be equipped with LED drive power.

2, the traditional source is generally metal halide light floodlight most widely uses , and COB LED flood light adopts LED chip as the cold light source

3 , just by matching the different shape of the reflector is to achieve the distribution of light for traditional spotlights, COB LED flood light need the lens to adjust light curve.

4, LED driver power supply and LED chip of COB LED flood light can achieve good waterproof and dustproof effect after packaging, while traditional  floodlights need to install glass to achieve high IP rating effect.

5, COB LED flood light is more energy efficient than conventional floolights , such as150w COB LED floodlights can completely replace traditional 400W floodlight ; 100w-120w LED flood lights can replace conventional 250w floodlight , which can achieve a ratio 2 or even higher ratios.

Having understood above five differences , I believe everyone has a rough understanding why COB LED flood light can replace traditional spotlights . LED technology is still in constant progress and mature, I believe LED floodlight must be more popular in near future.Browsing for more emotional and  optional competitive COB LED flood light.

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How to use the COB LED flood light as the energy-saving plans

The high-pressure sodium lamps used as wide range of lighting in plants, warehouses, workshops, playgrounds, markets and other higher places can be replaced with energy saving COB LED flood light, let’s look at the performance of COB LED flood light:

COB LED Flood Light Series


◆ modular pluggable technology, easy on-site maintenance;

◆ Light body and modular adopt the structure of pure aluminum heat sink, good heat dissipation;

◆ Double coupling IP67 protection class, professional waterproof patch cords meet indoor and outdoor use;

◆ Using the Power LED(COB)with professional lenses, the luminous efficiency can reach 100LM / W;

◆ Over EMC constant current drive power, security and stability;

◆ ergonomic light distribution, low glare, uniform illumination;

◆ freedom serialized, full-power solutions.

COB LED flood light


Square, shopping malls, industrial plants, roads, warehouses, tunnel lights indoor and outdoor spaces

Saving computing

◆55W COB LED flood light replaces 150W HPS

◆110W COB LED flood light replaces 250W HPS

◆165W COB LED flood light replaces 400W HPS

Traditional high pressure sodium lamps, lighting 15 hours a day in order to calculate

Product   Specifications  monthly consumption              total monthly electricity

400W HPS  424W      424 * 15H * 30 days / 1000 = 190.8 °  100 * 190.8 * 1 = 1908

165W COB LED floodlight, lighting 15 hours a day in order to calculate

Product                 Specifications  monthly consumption     total monthly electricity

165W COB LED flood light  165W     165 * 15H * 30 days / 1000 = 74.25°  100 * 74.25 * 1 = 742.5.Browsing for a variety of competitive COB LED flood light.

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LED bulbs+smart phone = ?

LED bulb is steadily replacing incandescent lamps. LED lighting appliances occupies the status of the protagonist in home discount lighting stores in Japan, companies have competed on the energy indicators and intensity .

LED bulbs and smart phone

An enterprise recently launched a LED light bulb in Japan . At first glance, this is a ordinary bulb, but that is not the case. The bulbs have the function the traditional bulbs can not achieve, if the use of smart phones, this feature will become more prominent. What the unique feature of this lamp is that it can issue more than 1600 million colors of light with a smart phone.

” Lighting is a passive product before, its existence was like, ‘ air ‘ , as it has now become the Initiative products. ” ‘ making us feel happy .” Philips Electronics Japan ( Headquarters : Tokyo ) released home lighting system ” hue ” of the use of LED bulbs by the end of September 2013 in Japan, the system may subvert the traditional lighting concepts. The responsibility the lights shouldered previously is to provide bright , users only will be aware of its existence when the light is broken . Illumination lamp operation is basically confined to turn on the lights on and off , even with the initiative of operation ,which is just using the remote control  to adjust the brightness.

In the beginning of commercially available LED lights , some products can use the remote control to adjust the brightness and light color and so on according to scenes of life.

However, hue can use a smart phone to freely choose your favorite color from over 16 million shade of color, and immediately allowing the bulb to emit corresponding light. To this end, Philips make the LED bulb with the wireless communication capabilities, which can be controlled by the smartphone via Bridge ( with products ) and Wi-Fi routers,.

Through the use of smart phones and tablet PCs free application software is for touch operation, the color is changed to any position , LED bulbs will issue the corresponding colors of light.

We can also achieve unique new smart phone usage. Users can use the GPS functionality of smart phones, achieving that the hue of bulb lights up automatically as soon as we get home , or automatically turn off the lights immediately we leave the house . Moreover, , the lights turn on when no one at home in order to improve security , or close at any time, which can be remote operated by the smart phones.

This design can also be used in ordinary household lighting to recall our favorite light color . And can support the use of E26 lamp port lights.

Hue support the general lighting specification E26 lamp socket used by families, so it can also be used in the home shop to buy cheap lighting fixtures , allowing it to glow in accordance with the user’s favorite.

Definitely,the third generation of high-tech energy-saving LED lighting is indeed significantly different from the traditional lighting , it do not only simply  provide lighting, in addition to pretty closely related to smart phones,but also combine with automotive,design,agriculture, medicine,, aerospace to give us pretty perfect convenience.

Nowadays,the  COB LED flood light is  widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting and the outdoor lighting in daily life,the  COB LED flood light is mainly used in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. where the brighter  light need to illuminate,moreover,there a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the COB LED flood light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the  COB LED flood light so that fully guarantee the  octahedron breadth and brightness irradiation range of the  COB LED flood light, while low voltage constant current driver ensure the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of COB LED flood light and reduce the wasted heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is known as energy-saving and environmental protection. Login  to know more awesome and practical COB LED flood light.

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