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LED tunnel lights bring low-carbon, environmentally friendly driving comfort

” Less curve, driving fast, comfortable!” driving on Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway, many drivers issue such a sigh on 25th December 2013.

LED tunnel lights    LED tunnel lights

Why is it so?

The answer is: the low-carbon, intelligent, environmentally friendly LED tunnel lights are bringing the driver better driving comfort.

Entering each tunnel at Yurong speed Chongqing section, you will find that crowded LED tunnel lights are installed above each tunnel.

“LED tunnel lights installed inside the tunnel sparse in the middle and crowd on both sides ” who responsible for the Chongqing Expressway said, the human eye can gradually adapt to changes in light emitted by the LED tunnel lights .

According to reports, the LED tunnel lights are used at Chongqing section of Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway. A total of 900 LED tunnel lights have been installed in the four tunnels at the full range of Chongqing section on Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway, which can save 6,416,000 degrees electricity a year.Browsing for more information about the LED tunnel lights.

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Panasonic will list LED road lighting including the LED tunnel lighting

LED road lighting including the LED tunnel lighting( highways and roads )will be listed on 6th January 2014 by Panasonic . The LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting product are equipped the control functions by reducing light leakage around to prevent light pollution , but also equipped with automatically reduce brightness to reduce waste functionality. The system complies with the “LED road and tunnel lighting using guidelines ( draft ) ” requirement Japanese Ministry of Land published on September 2011 to meet the conditions on the highway use.

LED tunnel lighting

There will be six kinds of combination of the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting listed by Panasonic according to the number of lanes ( lanes 1-3 ) and brightness needs,which will be respectively equipped with pole -mounted and mounted lamp arm , a total of 12 models launched. Colors are white, enabling a wide road dedicated light . by simultaneously controlling the front and rear side ( road side and surrounding side ) light distribution of LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting is to reduce light leakage , thereby reducing the impact on the surrounding buildings and farmland crops caused by the LED street lighting .

Automatically reduce the brightness to reduce power waste feature called “initial beam compensation ” is equipped with the “Timer Break dimming function ” and ” upper limit value of the beam adjustment function . ” by pre-setting the brightness , the brightness control in order to achieve power saving at the midnight,the brightness of LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting can be set to 50% by using the timer segmented dimming function , and the use of the beam adjustment function can customize processing by 2.5% intervals between 80 ~ 100% adjustment.

By using these three functions , power consumption can be reduced , while also based on the brightness of the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting required by the central government and local government , taking advantage of limits on the beam adjustment function fine tuned is to meet the requirements . The new LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting product are also equipped with tempered glass , anti-fall lead ” lightning surge function” which is over international specifications standard , in terms of security has been fully considered. In addition , the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting also have the durability that can be used at minus 20 ℃,which can also be used in cold areas. Panasonic strive to sell 10,000 units LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting in 2014. Browsing for more information about the LED tunnel lighting.

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London will put into effect the country’s largest deployment scenarios of LED street lights and LED tunnel lights

London which is the Britain’s biggest city will put into effect the country’s largest deployment scenarios of LED street lights and LED tunnel lights to complete the 40 % energy savings of 2016. Transport for London (TFL) has announced that a LED street reconstruction projects would be cooperated in the Office of the Mayor of London, including the upgrade of 35,000 LED street lights and LED tunnel lights and installment of a network adaptive control system to monitor and control the lights . In addition , the Northeast Kingdom Lincolnshire also open a street light project , including solid-state lighting (SSL) 16,500 LED streetlights and LED tunnel lights .

LED street lighting

LED street light

TfL engineers to measure the level of LED street lighting

TfL engineers is measuring the level of LED street lighting

London street light project will support the specified target of Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London: 60% reduction on carbon emissions by 2025, Johnson said : ” installing modern LED streetlights and LED tunnel lights on our capital’s main roads will not only reduce carbon emissions and maximize savings capital investment, it will also give London a better and safer roads . ” According to Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) shows that TfL has a total of 52,000 street lights ,it is expected that the ultimate goal of the plan is to upgrade all the lights with LED street lights and LED tunnel lights over decades, but the first phase will focus on the 35,000 street lights which will be completed in 2016. This phase is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 9700 tonnes per year , and save £ 1.85 million ( approximately $ 3 million) – a savings of 40%. The initial phase of the £ 10.9 million cost which will be spent purchasing and installing the LED street light and LED tunnel lights will be recovered within a few years .

LED tunnel lights installed in Thames Street tunnel

In addition, there are two additional money savings , including reduced maintenance costs and the lighting control network established by TfL and called Central Management System (CMS) will maximize energy savings and efficiency ; CMS level can be set depending on the traffic lights luminance level and automatically detect the required maintenance. TfL said the CMS is provided by Harvard School of Engineering , which is the largest single investment in the history of street lighting including the LED street lights and LED tunnel lights in London . The value of adaptive control has been demonstrated in other SSL trials of the UK , such as the LED tunnel lights installed by Transport for London Thames Street tunnel two years ago.Browsing for the better understanding of LED tunnel lights.

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Why is vigorously promoting the use of LED tunnel light

With the growing number of tunnel projects , tunnel construction has played an increasingly important role in modern transportation .The tunnel is a section of closed space , wherein the natural light can not be irradiated , the internal need for artificial lighting in order to ensure the safety and the continuity with the driver even during the day. Tunnel lighting is an integral part of the tunnel construction .

LED tunnel light

LED tunnel light as a green energy is expected to develop for the new fourth-generation of lighting equipment . The LED tunnel light is close to the natural light color , which is no flicker and can better restore the true color of the irradiated material , so that the human eye  is more comfortable with the LED tunnel light. More importantly, the LED tunnel light is more energy efficient than other light sources , in this era of depleting energy , energy efficiency means more competitive. The data shows that LED light including LED tunnel light is 17%  energy-saving more than that of HPS and incandescent light , 5% than that of fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, while the life expectancy is 10 to 15 times longer than that of incandescent , 5 times longer over that of fluorescent lamps .

The LED tunnel light has been put into effect in the tunnel in China , Nanjing road tunnel became the first domestic LED lighting tunnel,which implements the LED tunnel light automatically adjusts intelligent dimming control system with the intensity of light entering the tunnel. Compared to the traditional programs,the LED tunnel light achieve 15% energy-saving  , and the life of LED tunnel light is 3-4 times over that of traditional tunnel lamps , greatly reducing light loss and routine maintenance costs.

With the development of modernization , size and number of tunnel lighting facilities will increase. The tunnel is a high energy place , the cost of electricity operator is rising , more energy efficient light and energy-saving lighting control system will urgently need to be designed to enhance the brightness and reasonable lighting effects to ensure traffic safety and comfort. LED tunnel light came into being as time requires.Browsing to know more characters of LED tunnel light.

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Expansion of LED lighting manufacturing base in Germany is to attract foreign investment

REVIEW: “The German automotive lighting is also seeking more funds we urgently need foreign money into the construction of LED facility particularly the  public LED light such as LED tunnel light and LED street light to support the rapid growth of LED lighting development and we welcome all foreign investment company , German will provide an excellent basically facilities and skilled workers for them. ”

public LED lighting

In terms of automotive lights and street lights , Germany has invested heavily in the development of related semiconductor lighting industry especially LED lighting including the LED tunnel light and LED street light , however, Germany is intended to create a larger semiconductor lighting manufacturing base which is being called for more foreign capital investment, the LED tunnel light and other public LED lighting is currently rapidly developing . Professional market research firm Frost & Sullivan projected the growth rate of portion of LED tunnel light and other LED lighting will remain in over 10 percent from 2012- 2018 ; 2008-2018 , the LED bulb is expected to grow by 27% CAGR .

The German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency experts participating in LED / OLED Expo opening of South Korea said, ” many other lighting companies in semiconductor lighting industry have been ready for the next phase of growth .” Germany Trade & the Invest Deutsche is an official agency of the FederalRepublic ‘s foreign trade and inward investment , seeking the potential investors who are interested in entering the German market , but also provide the German companies hoping to open foreign markets with information consultation.

“Thanks to Germany ‘s energy revolution , domestic lighting infrastructure has been a major upgrade . LED street lights and LED tunnel light used for the pilot project have been started in several cities in Germany .” Jonathan Schoo ,expert of Foreign Trade and Investment Agency said, ” Germany ‘s car lighting is also seeking more funds , we urgently need foreign money into the construction of  LED tunnel light and LED street light and other public LED facility to support the rapid growth of LED lighting development and we welcome all foreign investment company , Germany will provide them with excellent infrastructure and skilled workers . “Surfing for more characters of public LED tunnel light.

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Why choose LED tunnel lights

With the development of modern industrialized society, the country has been investing heavily on infrastructure, such as rail, road etc. , in order to maintain a sustainable and healthy development of the national economy,then the demand on tunnel lights certainly greatly increased, but the state should improve the quality of tunnel lighting to save energy and protect the environment , moreover to adapt to the sustainable development of the management operations of the tunnel , for the tunnel environment pulsing the need for special lighting and visual perception , research and development to find new lighting and technical sources is very important , but we do not know what the better benefits of LED tunnel lights than that of conventional tunnel lights are and why we use LED tunnel lights.

LED tunnel lights

Conventional tunnel lights and LED tunnel lights feature comparison choice

For now the high pressure sodium light source are often used as our road lighting and tunnel lighting, but all aspects of HPS including the radiation and its apparent color according to specifications and various power and brightness controls are presenting a serious problem, and LED tunnel lights are known as its special power consumption, a long time prolife , routine maintenance and low repair costs, energy-saving effect, especially LED tunnel lights controlling its brightness is pretty good, overcoming a lot shortcomings of high pressure sodium ,the LED tunnel lights have become a major tool in the world using the tunnel lighting today , for which the country has come out of the latest measures “ten city of ten thousand lamps,” semiconductor lighting project , the development of measures bring the unprecedented opportunity to the LED tunnel lights.

production development and application of high-power LED tunnel lights adds a broad expansion of the market, , the LED tunnel lights are not only fill the gaps for the application of the new tunnel lighting to the country ‘s railway , highway lighting , but also further step on the eco-friendly way.Browsing just for more characters and features of LED tunnel lights.

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London started the largest LED lighting replacement projects by far

London recently launched its biggest modernize street lighting project, planning to replace 2016 approximately 35,000 street lights among 52,000 lights which illuminate in the whole city with energy-efficient LED street lights and LED tunnel lights. Works also include a new control system for remote controlling and adjusting the lighting according to the traffic and flow path.

LED lighting in London

The first phase of the project cost is estimated at 1.09 million pounds , but it can bring about 185,000 pounds per year of energy savings as well as 9,700 tons of CO2 emission reductions.

Transport for London said the LED tunnel lights were conducted a pilot run successfully in Thames Street tunnel in 2011 before the start of the project , the tunnel became the first UK linear tunnel adopting LED tunnel lights, and also reducing maintenance costs , while reducing 60% energy consumption. Project management system is also tested and run in Birmingham , Croydon , Lewisham and Hackney.

Prior to London , Los Angeles , Las Vegas and New York City have been carried out replacing with the LED tunnel lights and LED street lighting engineering across the city . Boris Johnson who is Mayor of London said: “Along with our road system is installed on thousands of LED street lights and LED tunnel lights , we have reason to mention the energy and resources of the 21st century standard which is the biggest investment on the main road in the history of the British capital . lighting modernization aspects, LED tunnel lights and LED street lights can not only reduce carbon emissions and cost savings , but also bring better and safer roads for the citizens of London . “Browsing for more information about the optional and emotional LED tunnel lights.

Why choose LED tunnel light for tunnel lighting

The darkness of semiconductor light sources can be regulated , so no matter day or night , LED tunnel light can provide appropriate lighting levels by adjusting the brightness of the light source inside the tunnel . During the day, the tunnel desired brightness is 4.65cd / 2; while at night requires only 0.8cd/m2 brightness. During the day, the average power consumption of lighting inside the tunnel is 70W, while at night requires only 12W of average power consumption to provide enough brightness lighting. Overall, compared with the use of high- intensity discharge lamps lighting system, using Dellux LED tunnel light of Osram can save an average of 10,000 kWh of electricity per year , equivalent to more than 30% reduction in energy consumption.

LED tunnel light

As experts in tunnel lighting , Dellux has launched intelligent lighting concept for tunnel lighting applications ( such as Schmücketunnel tunnel ) , giving full play to the advantages of LED tunnel light of Golden DRAGON , and with customized electronic circuitry and software , greatly extending the life of LED tunnel lighting systems. Wolfgang Medenwald , vice president of business development in Europe Dellux Technologies company, said : “We installed backup LED in every light fixture, to compensate for the loss of the brightness caused by pollution and the decrease in efficiency, at the same time , we located the currents of all of the LED tunnel light at 85% of its given rated current to achieve greater efficiency and longest durability. despite the environment is extremely harsh inside the tunnel , using our Degradation Compensation Technology of patented technology can ensure the life of LED tunnel light is 5 years at least and achieve the desired lighting levels . ”

For the OSRAM LED lamps Dellux Lighting selected , the power consumption of LED tunnel light reduced by 30% over that of high intensity discharge lamps so that achieve the desired road illumination , the life of LED tunnel light is more than 30,000 hours.Browsing,you can know more information about the pretty qualify but affordable LED tunnel light.

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Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel had been the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in Europe

On the fall of 2008 , Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel on A71 motorway had been the first and the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in German and Europe. All of the LED tunnel lighting fixtures were made of Golden DRAGON LED products of OSRAM, while Dellux Technologies company has also developed a special LED tunnel lighting . Dellux lighting lamps and OSRAM LED lighting can be described as the perfect combination to provide the LED tunnel lighting equipment whose service life is over 130,000 hours ( 15 years ) and almost needs no maintenance. With Dellux patented “LED Degradation Compensation Technology”, the power consumption of LED tunnel lighting installed reduced by 30 % over that of ordinary 70W high intensity discharge lamps.

Verkehrsfreigabe für Schmücketunnel

Dellux technology combining with OSRAM Golden DRAGON LED products is to ensure a minimum service life of 15 years lighting and brightness level does not drop. Michael Fiebig, director of marketing, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors solid-state lighting division , said : “This is a big advantage of lighting products , especially for tunnel lighting because the maintenance and replacement of lighting not only costly but also causing great inconvenience to the vehicle in the tunnel, meanwhile endangering the safety of the drivers, the light source and LED tunnel lighting used in this project exceeded stringent safety standards , which has good heat and durability , and less susceptible to contamination, another big advantage is that the long-term test results showed that Osram LED lumens decline curve is stable and the position offset color rarely occurs during use . Osram excellent lighting with LED Degradation Compensation Technology of Dellux patented technology makes that the shortest life of LED tunnel lighting is up to 30,000 hours, and can always maintain the necessary illumination . “Browsing for more vivid and detailed description about the features and uses of LED tunnel lights.

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Yrton Senna tunnels is the first highway tunnel using LED tunnel lights throughout South America

Yrton Senna tunnels is the first highway tunnel using LED tunnel lights throughout South America, which is a landmark project for LED tunnel lighting applying in highway tunnels . Getting the landmark tunnel lights project , not only won more than 1,800 orders on LED tunnel lighting , but enhance LED tunnel lights’ energy saving, excellent quality and good service .

LED tunnel lights

After more than 1,800 LED tunnel lights’ shining , a change in the other dim dark tunnel , the road across the Ayrton Senna tunnel is very clear and bright, and light color is highly similar inside and outside the tunnel , the eyes will soon be able to adapt in the tunnel and out of the tunnel, which is very comfortable.

For how to achieve such excellent results, the Brazilian head of the tunnel explained: . ” take the 75W LED tunnel lights for example , using the LED light source is not only stable, but also has very good light color and high luminous efficiency , the energy saving is up to 65% . Additionally, the LED tunnel lights with a lens having reflector proprietary optical design technology is to ensure ideal lighting brightness and uniformity . ”

LED lighting products are a new generation of energy-efficient lighting products , lead lighting is a global leader in LED lighting applications , has been committed to the development and promotion of LED lamps , the most advanced , energy-efficient LED lighting concept is to treat each project tenders . The company’s LED lights including LED tunnel lights are known as high efficiency , high light color uniform , long life , low maintenance cost , wide voltage range and many other advantages , since it was launched widely,it has been used in highway tunnels, municipal roads and tunnels, across the street tunnels , railway tunnels and other places, has been successfully used in road lighting energy-saving projects in the world nearly 100 countries and regions.Browsing,you will be surprised to find pretty awesome but inexpensive LED tunnel lights.

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