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Why choose LED tunnel light for tunnel lighting

The darkness of semiconductor light sources can be regulated , so no matter day or night , LED tunnel light can provide appropriate lighting levels by adjusting the brightness of the light source inside the tunnel . During the day, the tunnel desired brightness is 4.65cd / 2; while at night requires only 0.8cd/m2 brightness. During the day, the average power consumption of lighting inside the tunnel is 70W, while at night requires only 12W of average power consumption to provide enough brightness lighting. Overall, compared with the use of high- intensity discharge lamps lighting system, using Dellux LED tunnel light of Osram can save an average of 10,000 kWh of electricity per year , equivalent to more than 30% reduction in energy consumption.

LED tunnel light

As experts in tunnel lighting , Dellux has launched intelligent lighting concept for tunnel lighting applications ( such as Schmücketunnel tunnel ) , giving full play to the advantages of LED tunnel light of Golden DRAGON , and with customized electronic circuitry and software , greatly extending the life of LED tunnel lighting systems. Wolfgang Medenwald , vice president of business development in Europe Dellux Technologies company, said : “We installed backup LED in every light fixture, to compensate for the loss of the brightness caused by pollution and the decrease in efficiency, at the same time , we located the currents of all of the LED tunnel light at 85% of its given rated current to achieve greater efficiency and longest durability. despite the environment is extremely harsh inside the tunnel , using our Degradation Compensation Technology of patented technology can ensure the life of LED tunnel light is 5 years at least and achieve the desired lighting levels . ”

For the OSRAM LED lamps Dellux Lighting selected , the power consumption of LED tunnel light reduced by 30% over that of high intensity discharge lamps so that achieve the desired road illumination , the life of LED tunnel light is more than 30,000 hours.Browsing,you can know more information about the pretty qualify but affordable LED tunnel light.

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Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel had been the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in Europe

On the fall of 2008 , Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel on A71 motorway had been the first and the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in German and Europe. All of the LED tunnel lighting fixtures were made of Golden DRAGON LED products of OSRAM, while Dellux Technologies company has also developed a special LED tunnel lighting . Dellux lighting lamps and OSRAM LED lighting can be described as the perfect combination to provide the LED tunnel lighting equipment whose service life is over 130,000 hours ( 15 years ) and almost needs no maintenance. With Dellux patented “LED Degradation Compensation Technology”, the power consumption of LED tunnel lighting installed reduced by 30 % over that of ordinary 70W high intensity discharge lamps.

Verkehrsfreigabe für Schmücketunnel

Dellux technology combining with OSRAM Golden DRAGON LED products is to ensure a minimum service life of 15 years lighting and brightness level does not drop. Michael Fiebig, director of marketing, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors solid-state lighting division , said : “This is a big advantage of lighting products , especially for tunnel lighting because the maintenance and replacement of lighting not only costly but also causing great inconvenience to the vehicle in the tunnel, meanwhile endangering the safety of the drivers, the light source and LED tunnel lighting used in this project exceeded stringent safety standards , which has good heat and durability , and less susceptible to contamination, another big advantage is that the long-term test results showed that Osram LED lumens decline curve is stable and the position offset color rarely occurs during use . Osram excellent lighting with LED Degradation Compensation Technology of Dellux patented technology makes that the shortest life of LED tunnel lighting is up to 30,000 hours, and can always maintain the necessary illumination . “Browsing for more vivid and detailed description about the features and uses of LED tunnel lights.

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Yrton Senna tunnels is the first highway tunnel using LED tunnel lights throughout South America

Yrton Senna tunnels is the first highway tunnel using LED tunnel lights throughout South America, which is a landmark project for LED tunnel lighting applying in highway tunnels . Getting the landmark tunnel lights project , not only won more than 1,800 orders on LED tunnel lighting , but enhance LED tunnel lights’ energy saving, excellent quality and good service .

LED tunnel lights

After more than 1,800 LED tunnel lights’ shining , a change in the other dim dark tunnel , the road across the Ayrton Senna tunnel is very clear and bright, and light color is highly similar inside and outside the tunnel , the eyes will soon be able to adapt in the tunnel and out of the tunnel, which is very comfortable.

For how to achieve such excellent results, the Brazilian head of the tunnel explained: . ” take the 75W LED tunnel lights for example , using the LED light source is not only stable, but also has very good light color and high luminous efficiency , the energy saving is up to 65% . Additionally, the LED tunnel lights with a lens having reflector proprietary optical design technology is to ensure ideal lighting brightness and uniformity . ”

LED lighting products are a new generation of energy-efficient lighting products , lead lighting is a global leader in LED lighting applications , has been committed to the development and promotion of LED lamps , the most advanced , energy-efficient LED lighting concept is to treat each project tenders . The company’s LED lights including LED tunnel lights are known as high efficiency , high light color uniform , long life , low maintenance cost , wide voltage range and many other advantages , since it was launched widely,it has been used in highway tunnels, municipal roads and tunnels, across the street tunnels , railway tunnels and other places, has been successfully used in road lighting energy-saving projects in the world nearly 100 countries and regions.Browsing,you will be surprised to find pretty awesome but inexpensive LED tunnel lights.

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How to use the LED tunnel lights as the energy saving programs

Tunnels, warehouses, parking lots using high pressure sodium lamp for energy saving program can be replaced by LED tunnel lights, let’s look at the performance of LED tunnel lights:



◆ modular pluggable technology, easy on-site maintenance;

◆ cellular structure of the heat dissipation and the entire cooling technology, and efficient heat dissipation;

◆ Double coupling IP68 protection, ultra-efficient waterproof rating;

◆ “Ultra Robust” module technology, single LED damaged does not affect other particle currents;

◆ constant current drive power;

◆ ergonomic light distribution, uniform road lighting;

◆ freedom serialized, full-power solutions.


LED tunnel lights enjoy a great popularity in tunnels, warehouses, parking lots

Saving computing

◆ 75W LED tunnel lights instead of HPS 150W ◆ 110W instead of 250W HPS

◆ 145W instead of 250W                 ◆400W HPS replaced by180W LED tunnel lights

◆ 215W LED tunnel lights instead of 400W ◆400W HPS replaced by 250W LED tunnel lights

Just surfing for optional high quality and inexpensive LED tunnel lights.

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LED tunnel lights have been widely used as traffic lighting

LED lighting products especially LED tunnel lights have been widely used as traffic lighting , lighting retrofits has been completed Shanghai, Dalian Road East , West tunnel where the all of the led tunnel lights are used ; there are a total of nine tunnels included Xiamen lights transformation plan , the annual electricity savings will be about 15 million degrees after transformed with the LED tunnel lights ; the lighting design at Berlin central Station also has good innovative applications .

LED tunnel lights

35w LED tunnel lights were used to replace the original 75w fluorescent lamps replace in Dalian Road Tunnel, the life of the whole LED tunnel lights is up to 50,000 hours. The lighting retrofits  adopted the wireless control method to achieve individual control of each LED tunnel lights, while achieving preset scene dimming, grouping dimming, and prefabricating brightness outside the tunnel , priority controlling the traffic , hours of sunshine , fire alarm , truly realizing intelligent dimming and fine dimming function. Online inspection system feature inspects the faults of each LED tunnel lights and accurate positions those lighting failures of control, but also improves maintenance efficiency of LED tunnel lights . As car dealers tunnel , the lower color temperature , the higher mounting height and the use of diffuse light distribution technology make the blue led tunnel lights produce does not cause harm to the human eye .

There are a total of nine tunnels included LED tunnel lights transformation plan in Xiamen , including the successful road tunnel group ( Wucun tunnel , WanshiMountains tunnels, bells and drums Cairn Tunnel ) , the island roads tunnel group ( Huangcuo tunnel , gold cottage tunnel , Zeng Shan tunnel ) , Genting tunnels, subways and Fox Oyama Haicang tunnel lighting. The total length is about 40 km two-way , which will replace with 30,000 LED tunnel lights,about more than 15 million degrees electricity will be saved after the transformation of the year.

LED lighting particularly LED tunnel lights known as energy-saving advantages and long life makes it playing better in the outdoor environment . As transportation of tunnel lighting , lighting products have higher requirements, and adjustable LED tunnel lights which can be individually controlled and other advantages also make it a powerful tool for tunnel lighting and has been applied.Browsing for more detailed and vivid description about the LED tunnel lights.

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Significant energy saving effect of LED tunnel lighting is over 50%

In order to ensure the safety and coherence of vehicles in the tunnel, according to the national standard , tunnel lighting system must be opened to run either during day or night , tunnel lighting is a relatively large tunnel operating costs .

LED tunnel lighting

The tunnel lights are transformed into LED tunnel lighting, on the one hand ,improving tunnel brightness  , enhancing the traffic environment and comfort , on the other hand , the LED tunnel lighting contributes to environmental protection, energy saving, long life, maintenance cycle short.

This reporter has learned that LED lights including LED tunnel lighting because of energy saving, long life are widely used as an important field of energy-saving environmental protection industry , is included in China’s strategic emerging industries as the country ‘s promote and popularize way of lighting . with the government ‘s promotion of environmental protection , energy saving, emission reduction targets currently accelerate the popularization of LED lighting in public facilities lighting field , but in the tunnel , the good results of LED tunnel lighting transformation in Xiamen in the country are relatively rare. This move will greatly save coal and reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide , strongly promoting the pace of the green low-carbon development in Xiamen .

At the acceptance of the meeting, a third-party certification Fangyuan Certification Mark Certification Group Limited issued a power consumption evaluation of test reports : after being transformed with LED tunnel lighting, the annual energy savings of Wucun LED tunnel  lighting is up to 3,338,000 degrees, energy-saving rate is 53.56% ; the energy savings of Wanshishan LED tunnel lighting is up to 1.61 million degrees annually, saving rate is 54.39%.Surfing for more information about the LED tunnel lighting.

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The LED tunnel lights have been successfully installed in three tunnels recently in Xiamen

Ms. Huang Ting , who lives Rooster Wucun drove into the tunnel , feeling that the lights are brighter and more comfortable inside the tunnel. Such changes also appear in Genting tunnel and Wanshishan tunnel , the three tunnels have successfully completed energy-saving LED tunnel lights recently.

LED tunnel lights

There are a total of nine tunnels included LED tunnel lights transformation plan in Xiamen Fujian China, the total length is about 40 km two-way , which will replace with 30,000 LED tunnel lights to save about more than 15 million degrees electricity after being transformed each year. This is the large-scale projects China Ministry of Transportation adopt contract energy management model to reconstruct, accompanied by conduct of the project, a green , energy-saving , low-carbon city tunnel lighting systems will be appearing in Xiamen to become vivid and beautiful Xiamen strategy specific practice .

On Wednesday afternoon, Wucun tunnel , tunnel Wanshishan EMC ( Energy Management Contract ) mode LED lighting retrofit inspection was conducted in 18th Floor Conference Room of .

By the end of September , all of LED tunnel lights in these tunnels were installed and completely commissioned, which has been put into operation for more than two months. According to energy services company Xiamen yuan Valley Information Technology Co. introduced that the original metal halide , fluorescent, high pressure sodium lamp were replaced with most advanced a new generation of highly efficient LED tunnel lights in these two tunnels on the basis of tunnel lighting requirements and ensure traffic safety, there were 5912 LED tunnel lights installed in Wucun tunnel, 2924 LED tunnel lights in Wanshishan tunnel. Previously, Genting tunnel also completed the transformation of the tunnel , replacing the 3506 LED tunnel lights.

According to Project contract of Tunnel Light LED Energy Management Contract Xiamen Highway Administration Bureau signed with Xiamen Yuan Gu Information Technology Co., Ltd., there are total of nine tunnels for energy saving in the city, including the successful road tunnel group ( Wucun tunnel , Wanshishan tunnels, bells and drums Hill tunnel ) , the island roads tunnel group ( Huangcuo tunnel , gold cottage tunnel , Zeng Shan tunnel ) , Genting tunnel , Haicang tunnel and fox tail Tunnel lighting. Wu Baolin general manager of Yuan Gu Information Technology Co., Ltd , told reporters that Baicheng tunnels and tunnel Tianmashan these tunnels will also join lighting retrofits. Then, there are 11 tunnels containing in the transformation plan. He also said energy saving tunnel transformations of roads around island group strive to be completed during the year ; the transformation in haicang tunnel is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival , it is expected that the renovation in 11 tunnel will be completed on April next year, replacing with 50,000  LED tunnel lights.Browsing for more vivid characters and  uses of LED tunnel lights.

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