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LED lighting contributes to build a beautiful China

Foshan Lighting Association and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau went to Beijing to research “recovery issues on the fluorescent tube and energy-saving lamps ” last month, learning how to recycle tubes in Beijing and looking for LED lighting business opportunities. The results showed that LED lighting is very bright prospects for the future from the commercial outdoor LED flood light to household LED tube , because the LED light particularly the commercial outdoor LED flood light and household LED tube can be linked to ” build a beautiful China .”

LED lighting the building

The” 18th Chinese communist party ” presents “Beautiful China ” , from the policy point of view, “Beautiful China ” need long-term investment. It is anticipated that “green ” will become an important investment theme under the guidance of constructing “Beautiful China ” targets in the future for a long time, and LED lighting including the outdoor LED flood light is consistent with this theme.

1 , energy saving and environmental protection. Current technology data show that LED lighting including the outdoor LED flood light saves 30 % of the electricity more than incandescent and  10% of the electricity than that of fluorescent lamps , and the mercury contamination caused by fluorescent lamps is a technical problem which can not be solved , especially in rural areas, seriously polluting the environment.

2 , health smart idea . LED lighting such as the outdoor LED flood light is known as the dimmable Color , adjustable color temperature and color rendering properties , which is not only energy , but also secondary energy , while providing illumination depending on the health of people .

3 , environmental policy. Pressure and energy needs of the urban and environment is the dual pressures the government is facing , environmental issues have been linked with the future of officials,the commercial LED lighting including the outdoor LED flood light and household LED light especially LED tube can help solve this problem.

Zhu Guangyao,CPPCC Vice Minister , Ministry of Finance, said what can be considered that the environmental science and technology enterprises and enterprises enjoy the same 15% of the tax incentives to increase the financial and tax support for environmental protection industry and environmental commercial outdoor LED flood light and household LED tube and other LED lighting products , environmental protection is the subject which can’t be ignored for China and the world the next decade even the two decades. Promotion of commercial outdoor LED flood light and household LED tube and other LED lighting has become the an important component on how to ” build a beautiful China “.Browsing for more information about the outdoor LED flood light.

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The outdoor LED flood light and lighting control solutions are applied in ports in Korea

If the outdoor LED flood light and lighting control solutions are applied in major ports in Korea ,80 billion won operating costs can be saved in five years. Moreover, by using a variety of colors and multi-level brightness illumination system can significantly improve the landscape of port and improve the ease of pilots and other port workers at night , and can effectively prevent security incidents that may occur .

In addition, metal halide lamps usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach normal operating state , or even needs to consume about 1 hour to make it work properly in the cold winter , The outdoor LED flood light system can switch in real time , but also real-time monitoring fault conditions of the system.

LED lighting in port and stadium

High -power , environmentally friendly port outdoor LED flood light and lighting control solutions comprehensively integrate with the motor driver IC, the power supply ( power supply technology ) , network, controller technology and many other technologies .

According to the United Nations on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change agreement with green development policy of government, taking advantage of IT solutions technology is to create outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting solutions and a series of projects in Gwangyang Port, making efforts to accelerate the pace of international standardization projects of solutions program of the intelligent lighting IT control .Browsing,you may be delight to find the pretty awesome but affordable outdoor LED flood light.

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Decorative outdoor LED flood light creates noble romantic dreamy villa in France

Under the impact of the financial crisis and weak consumer demand , the global real estate market downturn . With the rise in land prices and construction costs , the ability to pay the demand side of the market has been severely weakened. Green energy as a current trend of the world, is one of the key demands of the developers who construct the building, highlighting the green in the construction and decoration is to attracting the attention of millionaires so that drive sales of its housing. led lighting and decorative lighting are also increasingly being used in the construction of high-end villas among developers , romantic birthplace in France, there is a house using a lot of LED lighting products including the outdoor LED flood light , interpreting the noble romantic dreamy effect .

outdoor LED flood light

French romance has been spreading to every corner from everyday life, so pay attention to the living environment also be reflected from such a romantic atmosphere . France does not care about an area the size of the building ,but the pursuit of colors and internal relations , pay attention to embellishment in nature , good to work on the details of the carving . Lighting design is the pursuit of beauty of coordination of light fixtures and architectural. Ambilight does not seek , but requiring external environment integrated with the style and villas .

Lead lighting has been focusing on the U.S. and European markets the past several years and has a high market share and good reputation locally. For the upscale lighting design of the villa, green energy design , exquisite fashion outdoor LED flood light and LED decorative lamps have been widely used ,which has integrated into the villa and played a finishing touch , the entire house decorated is noble and not luxurious, yet refined atmosphere .

Outdoor LED flood light has the advantage of small size and easy installation , being embedded on the pavement among the villa,which is simple and elegant . Light color temperature and light intensity can be controlled in line with the serene atmosphere of the external house ; environmental protection, energy saving outdoor LED flood lights are also in line with the current global environment , controlling the greenhouse gas emissions. Noble and not domineering , harmonization temperament are made ​​therefrom .

As a decorative mainstream product lines , the decorative effect of new outdoor LED flood light is very obvious. Having a PARTY in such villa, when gorgeous smooth decorative outdoor LED flood light  turns on , the owner’s passion and a responsible attitude towards the sustainable development of the planet and mankind will told to the distinguished guests.Browsing,we can know emotional and optional outdoor LED flood light.

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Why the price difference of outdoor LED flood light and others is so big

There are now a lot of lights on the market, which are almost like , why the price difference is so big makes us confused , we do not know how to select, we will analyze one of the reasons why there ‘s a big difference -housing differences,

First look at a picture, an example cited here ,

thick and thin heat sink of LED floodlights

This outdoor LED flood light above is a relatively conventional, there are a lot , so I give this example , above is comparison chart diagram of two lamps,one uses the thick material , the other uses the thin material , if those who often using outdoor LED flood light can see the difference between two lamps , it is difficult to distinguish for users who are not familiar with.

First look at the length of the heat sink

length of heat sink of LED floodlights

The figure is the length of the heat sink with calipers , the digital picture is very clear , I will not say more , for heat dissipation of outdoor LED flood lamps , it is definitely that the longer the better.

fin thickness

thickness of heat sink fin of outdoor LED floodlight

Fin thickness is more than 4cm, the other is more than 1cm , thick is certainly better than thin, having analyzing the analyzed heat sink fins of shell of outdoor LED flood light, now say what the role the fin plays.

It is the critical to cooling , the main role the heat sink of the housing play is to cool , so the thicker the longer , and the heat dissipation is certainly better, whereas the heat is not good ,, it is easy to necrosis for LED lamp beads under lower heat dissipation situation, good heat dissipation of the housing of outdoor and or poor plays a big factor on the life of outdoor LED flood light ,

Now for the thick and thin material of the shell available on the market, the price difference is probably around 20% , this is just the difference between the casing, as well as the lamp beads , driving and some accessories , if a difference of every kind of material is about 20% , and that the whole outdoor LED flood light scary , these are the origin of the difference of outdoor LED flood light and other lamps on the market .Browsing,you’ll find the optional but competitive outdoor LED flood light you have never imagined.

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Why widely use the outdoor LED flood light

Outdoor LED flood light is also known as LED spot light, which not only has a good lighting effect, but plays a role in landscaping , and now has been used at the hotels, parks , billboards and so many places,the outdoor LED flood light not only make the environment clear and bright , while also because its RGB light is very beautiful, it will lead to a lot of beautiful, of course, the outdoor LED flood light does not just have these advantages , there are many , then what are they, we specifically analyze.

outdoor LED flood light

First, the speed of light accurately. In fact, the outdoor LED flood light is different from the the ordinary lamps , precisely because the light it produces can play a projective or projects on the substantial items or onto the environment, it must require luminosity precision while projecting, otherwise the outdoor LED flood light would not allow objects projected to manifest.

Second, the asymmetrical light . In fact, when using lights , and more are also on the other, so under the same light conditions , it can reduce the level of natural feeling , so that there is no three-dimensional for the scenery or objects projected , but this outdoor LED floodlight allows light to produce an asymmetric , so making projected points more beautiful.

Third, easy maintenance . Any items must also be maintained in use , and for such outdoor LED flood light , it is true , in particular in the outdoors, it is too inconvenient to change light, but just opening the shell behind the outdoor LED flood light,we can change the lights , so the increase greater convenience.

Fourth, the governor at any arbitrary angle . This outdoor LED floodlight can be arbitrary angle to the governor either before use or during use , precisely because it has a scale plate configuration.Just clicking,we can know more vivid and detailed characters and uses of pretty affordable but competitive outdoor LED flood light.

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How to design the outdoor LED flood light

1.Temperature Protection: For the power supply of outdoor LED flood light, in addition to conventional protection features, it is the best to increase negative feedback of temperature of LED chip in the constant output  to prevent overheating of the LED chip PN section .

outdoor LED flood light

2. surge protection :. LED relatively poor impact resistance , so to strengthen the protection of this area. In particular, for outdoor LED flood light mounted in the open air, since the start of the grid load and the thunder, LED drive power must have surge suppression invasion capability to protect the outdoor LED flood light from being damaged .

3. constant current drive mode : In order to meet the VI characteristics of LED, outdoor LED flood light must use a constant current supply -driven approach .

4. High efficiency :. Outdoor LED flood light is energy-saving products , power supply must meet the energy requirements. In particular, the structure of the power supply installed in the luminaire is particularly important. Because the LED luminous efficiency decreases with increasing temperature of outdoor LED flood light. the higher the efficiency of power supply , the less its power consumption , the less the heat inside the outdoor LED flood light, so that reduce the temperature rise of outdoor LED flood light,which is good to delay the LED light decline .

5. High reliability :.outdoor LED flood light is mainly composed of LED chip,power supply , cooling enclosure and the control circuit. LED power directly affects the quality of the outdoor LED flood light .

6. In order to ensure the overall life of outdoor LED flood light,LED ‘s junction temperature must be controlled within a certain range.

7. the flux of outdoor LED flood light is inversely proportional to temperature , so the power supply should minimize the use of heating and cooling system is well-designed . Thereby reducing operating temperature.Taking a good look at for inexpensive but pretty awesome outdoor LED flood light.

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2013 Russian International lighting and lighting technology exhibition has been recently hold in Moscow

2013 Russian International lighting and lighting technology exhibition recently held in Moscow. It is reported that CSA China ( Huadong ) LED Applications Promotion Center (CSAPC) jointly other 300 Chinese companies including lead lighting focusing on outdoor LED flood light and other LED products participated in this exhibition, accounting for more than one-third of the overall number of exhibitors , showing great concern for Chinese companies in the Russian market .

Lead lighitng in 2013 Russian International lighting and lighting technology exhibition

It is understood that Russia has maintained an annual economic growth rate of between 6 % -7 % during the last six or seven years. Russia’s many manufacturers because of obsolete equipment, products obsolete had to close the plant in financial crisis, , which has brought great opportunities to lighting market . Accompanied by Russia’s accession to WTO, and the 2018 World Cup and other major upcoming sports events will stimulate imports of LED lighting market especially the outdoor LED flood light is increasing in Russia. huge Russian lighting market particularly the LED lighting market such as the outdoor LED flood light has currently been extended to the east of the Volga , Urals and Siberia, the Far East and southern regions of Russia , this business has been paid attention to by the Chinese lighting industry, no one wanted to miss Russia’s 150 million consumers market including the outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting market . More and more Chinese enterprises hope to quickly establish a market coverage in Northeast Asia , Central and Eastern Europe through this intermediate Russian market.

CSA China ( Huadong ) LED Applications Promotion Center and lead lighting company specializing in outdoor LED flood light and other commercial LED lighting and household LED lighting and other Chinese LED lighting reached a strategic cooperation with the number of home buyers, agents in Russia , Ukraine and other Eastern European countries in the exhibition, these middlemen through CSAPC such a national federation certified platform , looking more opportunities to cooperate with high-quality Chinese companies.

CSAPC ” footprints plan ” overseas channels, relying on more than 4,000 secondary sub- members committing to outdoor LED flood light and other LED products the international semiconductor alliance globally coverage , and establishing a global network of contacts , has been established overseas marketing center in the Middle East region and northeastern Europe and Eastern Europe, while reaching a strategic cooperation with other buyers and distributors in Hungary, Lithuania , Russia and many other countries, as designated procurement platform of these purchases and channels in China.Taking a good look at for more competitive and awesome outdoor LED flood light.

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