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“Singing” of LED Christmas lights stretching and rolling freely

Perhaps one day our lives will become that all the material life are connected to the network at any time to respond to signals through the wireless network . A novel LED Christmas lights can now allow us to connect to the Internet of Things for the first time.

LED Christmas lights

Australia Moore Cloud introduced the LED Christmas lights connected with Internet of Things. Costing $ 200 can get a bunch of controllable LED lights, so that we can set the Christmas tree to play our favorite music. The control interface of the Christmas lights is similar to that of Philips Hue smart LED bulbs and other mart lighting .

Currently , Moore Cloud company has almost sold out of this product . Although networking is still a novelty , the designers and manufacturers have standardized design in its interface.

Roll Light which is LED lamps whose volume can be extended freely

Smart phones can be softly bent, so do the light. Roll Light is such a lamp to be bent , which is made of flexible silicone and LED.

Roll Light is designed with its soft, gentle and curved forms to affect our emotions , which subverts the conventional typical precision straight edge light fixtures. It uses a variety of methods – rolled is like a baton , it can even stand up when being expanded and hanged on the tree . Roll Light is easy to carry and use , it can also recharges. In addition, the users can also choose to self- luminous type.

Roll Light consists of two parts, namely, the light-emitting area and hand area. Area which can be glowing is made of translucent silicone and LED​​. Silicone is known as waterproof and insulation characteristics, we need not worry about that this fixture will be broken any more when dropping on the ground , because it is very flexible and very strong, even if for the child,it is also very safe to use . Roll Light is provided with a handheld button switch and a charging socket . After a full charge , it can be used for about five hours. The specification of Roll Light is 370mm × 280mm × 20mm, its edge is just 15 mm thick in order to highlight the switch button . Being wounded up , the diameter of Roll Light is about 80 mm ( depending on the size and intensity of the hand of the user ) .

The Roll Light expanded is easy to carry, rolled it into a flashlight , this lamps stretching and rolling freely will be able to provide users with many unique pleasure. This design won the 2013 red dot design concept award , I do not know when it will usher in mass production .

Beyond doubt, LED lighting as the third generation of the semiconductor light-emitting diodes  lighting, the energy saving features are not only excellent, but also because semiconductor technology can better perfect combination of  design , agriculture, medicine, industry, aerospace and other fields  in forms of the intelligent lighting bring us the pretty new and unique experience.

Definitely, LED lighting is closer and closer to our daily life,such as the RGB LED flood light is  widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting and the outdoor lighting in daily life,the  RGB LED flood light is enjoying a great popularity in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. where the brighter and colorful light needs to illuminate,moreover,there are a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the  RGB LED flood light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the RGB LED flood light so that fully guarantee the  octahedron breadth and bright irradiation range of the RGB LED flood light, while low voltage constant current driver ensure the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of the RGB  LED flood light and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is Known as energy-saving and environmental protection. Login to know more awesome and practical  RGB LED flood light.

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What’s the development of LED lighting in US

President Bush signed the ” Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 ,” on December 2007 provisions of the ban on the use of 100W incandescent lamps by 2012. President Obama announced a new application for low energy standards on June 2009. California took the lead in the disabled and sales of incandescent in 2012 . Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy has begun plans to adjust the Facts guidelines of LED Lighting including the commercial public LED lights such as RGB LED flood light and industrial and household LED lights to clarify the performance characteristics of the standard LED to assist consumers and designers to clearly distinguish the difference between traditional lamps and commercial RGB LED flood lights and other commercial and industrial and household LED lamps .Numerous U.S. national policy and information collected indicates: incandescent more lit for more than a century will gradually withdraw from the market,LED lighting such as the commercial LED lights especially RGB LED flood light replacing the incandescent will be the trend of the development of lighting industry .

First, the countries exporting LED lighting products to United States accounted for

countries  exporting LED lighting to U.S.accounted for

Figure : U.S. importing countries accounted for

The accounting of importing countries of the United States recorded the proportion of United States imports of LED products especially the commercial LED flood light and other public LED lights from overseas countries,the market share of each country in the United States can be analyzed in accordance with accounting data , among the countries from which U.S. imported RGB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products in from January 2012 to July, China accounted for up to 70.50% , amounting to approximately $ 360 million , LED lighting and display U.S. purchases are mainly from China , as well as Mexico , South Korea, Canada and other countries , but less proportion . Europe and North America has been the main areas of exports of display and RGB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products in China.

forecast of selling LED lighting in U.S. from 2009-2015

U.S. sales forecast Tesco LED information provided from 2009-2015  , the United States LED product sales will be increasing year by year the next three years , the amount of sales of particularly RGB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products rose by 4.2% in 2013 , the amount of LED product sales will rise by about 2.4 %in 2014, the amount of sales of LED products will rise by 2.5% in 2015. The compound annual growth rate of LED product sales in the United States 2009-2015 round 6%, RGB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products is still considerable in the U.S. market.Browsing for more information about the RGB LED flood light.

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Why choose LED lighting at hotel

1, energy : the power consumption of LED lamp including the RGB LED flood light used on the external facade of hotel is only 10% of that of incandescent , and more energy-saving than fluorescent . According to the scheme of a new project launched by California Flex Your Power and the Energy Star of federal government said that the service sector pent nearly $ 4 billion in energy consumptions every year. In addition, the data also show that an ordinary hotel ‘s electricity consumption accounts for 60 % to 70 % of the total costs incurred . As far as the hotel is concerned, its lighting system open for 24 hours , and energy-saving rate of high-quality RGB LED flood light and other exterior and interior LED lights in hotel is more than 60% , the annual savings in lighting costs is millions of dollars for star hotel , even if ordinary hotel can save hundreds of thousands dollars a year . RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting has become the first choice for energy saving of .the hotel

LED lighting at hotel

2 , Dimmable : the dimmer has been previously designed for incandescent lamps , incandescent light will be red when diming; it is difficult to see fluorescent dimmer , which is the main reason for dimming technology without the development for many years ; Now LED light such as RGB LED light can be dimming , and whether it is light or dark and light has the same color ( color temperature is essentially the same ) , which is significantly better than incandescent dimmer . For lighting requirements in upscale hotels, in addition to the necessary functional lighting , the light must match with the hotel ‘s location, architectural features , history and culture , taste positioning to create atmosphere and height the atmosphere effect. Therefore , the use of lighting should give full consideration to the various parts of the functions and requirements inside and outside the hotel .

3, frequent switching : LED lifetime is calculated according to lit , even turning on and off for thousands of times per second ,the switch does not affect the LED life , and when there is a need to create an atmosphere with the light turning on and off , LED lights especially RGB LED flood light have the absolute advantage on the decoration of the hotel.

4 , rich colors : LED lights are being white, warm white, red, green, blue and other colors , take the RGB LED flood light for example,it is the best LED light installed on the exterior facade of the hotel to set off luxury appearance of the overall hotel, whether the ceiling lights or neon lights used to decorate the living room are very bright . Rich colors meet the requirements of the hotel for the desired color and atmosphere to better reflect its quality requirements.

5 , low heat , long life: a lot of 220V spotlight because of fever will be broken after being used for a couple of days . Using RGB LED flood light or LED ceiling without the transformer can work for long hours. The lamp beads of RGB LED flood light or LED ceiling light can work for 50,000 hours , life expectancy is many times over that of other lamps. The LED lights especially RGB LED flood light and LED ceiling light can greatly reduce lamp replacement frequency , thereby reducing the number of lamps purchased and replaced , labor costs and so on.Browsing for more information about the RGB LED floodlight.

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How to enter the European market especially Germany market for LED lighting manufacturers

1, obtain CE and ENEC certification

Because a large number of European agents wholesaling commercial LED light such as RGB LED flood light and household LED light and consumers need CE, ENEC certification, so commercial RGB LED flood light and other commercial and household LED lights obtaining both certifications are pretty necessary and helpful to access to enter the European market. In Germany the CE mark is used as their mandatory safety certification system , consumers would never buy whatever they believe are not safe, healthy , environmentally friendly.

ENEC is certified by CENELEC ( European electrical signs Coordinating Committee ). Electronic product especially LED lights including commercial RGB LED flood light and other LED lights attaching ENEC mark is to ensure products sold in Europe meet the safety requirements and pass the qualified function inspection,which indicates that the manufacturer specializing in RGB LED light and other LED lights have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification requirements. though ENEC is voluntary certification , but once acquiring the certification,the electronic products entering the German market are very favorable .

LED lighting

2 , the German market sales channels

No matter the commercial LED lights such as the PIR LED flood light or household LED light are sold mainly through supermarkets in Germany, the supermarkets account for nearly 50% of the proportion across sales channels , followed by dealers and wholesalers and retail stores, they are also account for more than 10 %. And sales through hypermarkets, engineering applications and advertising applications proportionately less , accounting for below 10%. Therefore, for the manufacturer developing and manufacturing PIR LED flood light and other LED lights wanting to develop the German LED lighting market , it can be oriented to the development of the German supermarket business , combined with some local dealers , retail sales together .

3 , most of the European markets are currently monopolized by some of the world ‘s leading lighting supplier. Therefore , small businesses should consider contacting with some large companies in Germany to be Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM)of large German companies. In fact , since August 2010,  Osram and Philips have already designated Lextar Taiwanese company as part of their original equipment manufacturers of LED lighting industry, .

4 , the awareness of consuming commercial PIR LED flood light and other LED lighting products for the German consumer is not very high , Chinese and other countries’ enterprises should actively participate in the international lighting exhibition and try to introduce themselves to local businesses in the form of product introduction and proper Promotions to further raise awareness of local consumers ,.

5 , the current European lighting market products have been fired by the well-known lighting brands ,for the enterprises committing to PIR LED flood light and other LED lighting products especially Chinese enterprises, if not with new technologies and innovative products , it is more and more difficult to enter the European market. In other words , only the distinct characteristics and high- tech RGB LED flood light and other commercial and household LED lighting products is relatively easily accepted by the European market. Browsing is to know more features of the RGB LED flood light.

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How to minimize blue light from LED lighting harm to the eyes

Since led lamps became the focus of the lighting industry , the majority of enterprise and customers have been concerned about the led lighting products, blue hazard of led lighting including the RGB LED light particularly the RGB LED flood light is put forward from the eighth edition of IEC 60589-1 standard to avoid and reduce blue hazard of led light proposed structural requirements . And such blue light hazard proposed to be labeled enable customers to avoid being harm by blue emitting from the RGB led flood light and other RGB LED light. then how to protect from being hurting by the blue from the Led lights such as the RGB led flood light?

RGB LED flood light

What is Blu-ray harm ? Refers to the photon wavelength from the 400 to 500nm arising from radiation-induced photochemical reactions , damage the retina.

All of the led lighting products involved in are accordance with iec 62471 standard . But now led lighting products are generally involved in the product chain , from chips to assemble etc. If all of the blue light hazard in each stage assessed would lead to unnecessary works. In view of this situation , iec published a new standard , which is iec62471. only assessment on blue light hazard of light source of RGB led flood light and other LED luminaires . Applying iec 62778 is to propose standard tags and structure standards on RGB led flood light and other LED lights.

First iec standard regulates on the marks of led light , first for the mobile led lighting, proposal to add the mark ” Do not stare toward the light ,” on the surface of light, moreover ensure the mark  can be seen after the mobile led lighting is installed ; secondly also add ” Do not stare toward the light ,” for RGB LED flood light and other RGB LED lights whose light source can be observed directly when being maintained, and packaged can be seen when the LED lamps are maintained or installed; for fixing led lighting,the manufacturer specializing in RGB LED flood light and other finished LED lighting to provide the description about ” lamps should be placed close to wherever is not expected to less Xm ” on the lamps.

Secondly , iec also made to relevant regulations on led lighting structure, in which we should try not to use led light source of RGB LED flood light and other RGB light that is more than recommended RG2,because the management requirements this type of light source requires are very high and heavy.Browsing,you can know more description about the pretty detailed characters of RGB LED flood light.

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The demand on general LED lighting will grow by 62% in 2014

The demand on  general LED lighting including commercial RGB LED flood light will grow by 62% in 2014 ,the market penetration of general commercial RGB LED flood light and other commercial and household LED lighting expected from 3-5% to about 9% (based on total worldwide demand on lumens, the penetration is approximately 7%) in 2013. the UBS analyst Fredric Stahl covering Osram and Philips believes that the revenues from LED lighting products such as RGB LED flood light have accounted for about 30% of the total revenue of OSRAM and Philips Lighting in 2013.

RGB LED flood light

General LED lighting applications especially RGB LED flood light is expected to account for 33% of global LED demand in 2013,  the proportion will rise to 42% in 2014,and further to 50% in 2015. Given the prices of commercial RGB LED flood light and household LED bulb fell rapidly recently, we estimate that the penetration of RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting which is currently expected to 9% may be upside in 2014  (based on the penetration of lumens).Browsing,you’ll find optional and emotional RGB LED flood light.

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Grand Central Station in New York use the Toshiba LED lighting to implement lanterns activities

Toshiba recently has supplied the LED (light emitting diode ) lighting including the RGB LED flood light to the New York Local Grand Central Station. And taking advantage of RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting is to implement lanterns activities within the station from November 21 to December 26. The station has been built for 100th years ,belonging to the historic building.

Toshiba offers a total of about 600 LED lighting , the RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting is setting at the upper entrance to Grand Central Station and the site of the main hall . The station is a symbol of New York, which has appeared in many films . As many commuter train station , about 750,000 people use every day .

Lanterns events using the RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting holds from 17:00 to 23:00 . The LED lighting are installed 354 windows which are on the west side of the main hall , taking advantage of lighting lanterns especially the RGB LED flood light the designers produced for the Thanksgiving and Christmas makes the station has become colorful .

LED lighting in Grand Central Station in New York

Toshiba promote their company ‘s RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting through Grand Central Station Lantern activities, and strive to promote the brand lighting business in North America . Previously, Toshiba supplied the LED lighting to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC in 2012. This is the second time to supply RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting to the famous American facilities.Browsing,you will be delighted to find more detailed description about the RGB LED flood light.

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