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How to use the COB LED flood light as the energy-saving plans

The high-pressure sodium lamps used as wide range of lighting in plants, warehouses, workshops, playgrounds, markets and other higher places can be replaced with energy saving COB LED flood light, let’s look at the performance of COB LED flood light:

COB LED Flood Light Series


◆ modular pluggable technology, easy on-site maintenance;

◆ Light body and modular adopt the structure of pure aluminum heat sink, good heat dissipation;

◆ Double coupling IP67 protection class, professional waterproof patch cords meet indoor and outdoor use;

◆ Using the Power LED(COB)with professional lenses, the luminous efficiency can reach 100LM / W;

◆ Over EMC constant current drive power, security and stability;

◆ ergonomic light distribution, low glare, uniform illumination;

◆ freedom serialized, full-power solutions.

COB LED flood light


Square, shopping malls, industrial plants, roads, warehouses, tunnel lights indoor and outdoor spaces

Saving computing

◆55W COB LED flood light replaces 150W HPS

◆110W COB LED flood light replaces 250W HPS

◆165W COB LED flood light replaces 400W HPS

Traditional high pressure sodium lamps, lighting 15 hours a day in order to calculate

Product   Specifications  monthly consumption              total monthly electricity

400W HPS  424W      424 * 15H * 30 days / 1000 = 190.8 °  100 * 190.8 * 1 = 1908

165W COB LED floodlight, lighting 15 hours a day in order to calculate

Product                 Specifications  monthly consumption     total monthly electricity

165W COB LED flood light  165W     165 * 15H * 30 days / 1000 = 74.25°  100 * 74.25 * 1 = 742.5.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid19-1.htm for a variety of competitive COB LED flood light.

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