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What’s the development trend of LED lighting industry

There are hundreds of billions in domestic lighting market , none of the vendor ‘s market share is more than 5 %. Because the specializing consumer accounts for 70-80 % in the lighting field especially commercial LED lighting such as PIR LED flood light, the average consumer is only 20-30 %. 70% of commercial PIR LED flood light and other LED light are sold through retail channels , 30% of LED lights especially PIR LED flood light is through wholesale. China has no strong retail hardware channels, so can not form a strong metal channel brand , even if only a complete monopoly hardware channels just account for about 15% lighting market . there are 10% of LED lighting including PIR LED flood light directly sold to professional consumers , mostly are wholesaled for projects , the projects relate to the relationship , none of vendor can get all all projects . This is why the brand specializing in commercial PIR LED light and other LED lighting  is so dispersed .

PIR LED flood light

E-business market. supplier is a good channel and can integrate the retail market , perhaps by which the market share is more than 5% , many emerging LED companies are conducting in the field of distributing electricity E-business market, including the lead lighting.

So seizing the dealer is the most important. The channel advantage of traditional lighting business is obvious , but the larger the scale, the faster the transform,such as the sun, NVC , Op, three male , Debon , Kamei ,Foshan lighting and other large enterprises, the proportion of LED production value is rapidly declined, the channel construction can be very cruel in 2015, and a secondary pattern provincial city has basically been finalized, there is only a certain chance for three or four lines town .

Those lighting companies manufacturing commercial LED light particularly PIR LED flood light  transiting quickly and having a large channel edge have great advantages, the slow transformation of traditional lighting companies will die . First, most of LED companies have too limited capital to expand the scale, and the channel is too expensive to invest. So most of companies will have to do OEM or ODM for domestic brand LED manufacturers, which accounted for most of exports of the lighting market . The strength of the LED companies begin looking for the enterprise having a large-scale channels, scale advantages for the integration, or the formation of strategic alliances .

The low-end brands extending downstream packaging manufacturers in future are rectangular , wood Linsen . The low end is not bad, just has different strategies. Midrange is the transformation of traditional lighting to LED as a representative such as sunlight, three male Aurora and so on. These making a pretty good profit and specializing in the commercial PIR LED flood light and other commercial LED lighting  project and the channel do not compete with rectangular , Mu Linsen. High-end are Philips, Osram, or the the LED business successfully integrating commercial PIR LED flood light and other LED finished product or related LED lighting product .Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/high-power-waterproof-pir-led-flood-light-series.htm,we’ll be delighted to find more characters of the PIR LED flood light.

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Panasonic commercial LED lighting breaks million units shipped

Panasonic announced in a press release on the 12th December 2013 that Japanese companies have imported LED lighting products especially commercial LED lighting such as commercial COB LED flood light because of promoting energy policy, so the shipments of “basic integrated LED light iD series” of commercial (office / factory use) LED Lighting product including COB LED flood light manufactured / sold by its lighting subsidiary “Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company (hereinafter referred to as PCESC)” ‘ have exceeded 100 million mark in Japan, as since December 2012 on sale, which has reached this milestone for lasted less than a year and the time when shipping of commercial COB LED flood light and other commercial LED lights will broken hundred million units by the end of March 2014 is expect to be nearly four months earlier than that of Panasonic’s original self-assessment.

COB LED flood light

iD series can be Like a fluorescent lamp, remove the LED from commercial COB LED flood light and other LED lighting fixtures to be replaced, and it can simply change the lighting brightness, light color, Panasonic and plans to launch the new products automatically reducing the brightness as long as nobody is sensed on February 2014.

According to the Sankei Shimbun noted that, LED lighting products such as the COB LED flood light accounted for approximately 45% of the overall commercial lighting of the Panasonic products.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid19-1.htm,you must not be disappointed to find optional and competitive COB LED flood light.

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