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What are the three factors limiting the development of Chinese LED lighting

With the impact of escalating competition in the market and foreign products , China ‘s LED lighting industry especially the commercial LED lights such as outdoor LED flood light is vulnerable , there is almost no chance to develop for small brands squeezed by the big brands , what what are the three factors limiting our weak LED lighting market of small and medium enterprise, why are they

outdoor LED flood light

1 , the concept is behind :

The idea involves in many ways. Some of the manufacturer specializing in LED lighting products including the outdoor LED flood light consider that the LED lighting is low-tech, there is no need to invest time and capital developing the outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting ; others  think that the high-end LED lighting products have no market , there is too big risk to invest ; those who weak implementation of the standard and technical standards and specifications; even lower on legal concepts, resulting in shoddy , fake outdoor LED flood light and related LED lighting products. From the user ‘s point of view , some believe that the light coping with daily lighting is OK , they do not want to spend more money upgrading equipment or buying high-end outdoor LED flood light or other commercial or household LED lighting fixtures ; Some reject the use of complex , high-performance LED lighting requiring high maintenance , they do not care light leakage or not, just be satisfied with the lighting performance,; there are a considerable who used to the old lighting fixtures and are reluctant to accept new LED lighting products.

2, the design is weak :

There are a small number of and even not or the low levels of professional staff designing outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting factory, which are often temporarily hired for the development of new outdoor LED flood light and other finished LED lighting products, although some of which are lighting expert, but the use of LED lighting is too broad, different products have different characteristics and applications, such as outdoor LED flood light is mainly designed and applied in the square,stadium for outdoor lighting,they do not know all of the characters and the function of LED lighting applications so that may not be able to design the appropriate LED lighting, not to mention to improve and upgrade the LED lighting product.

3 , inadequate investment in developing the LED lamps and lack of technical reserves :

In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have begun discerning greater capital investment to develop some new outdoor LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products , but in the vast territory of China, driven by economic interests, short-sighted is not uncommon, and who are willing to invest large technical reserves developing and researching the technology of outdoor LED flood light and other LED lights is even more rare.Taking a good look at http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm for more information about the outdoor LED flood light.

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