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How to distinguish the performance of LED lights


The temperature of LED energy-saving lamps especially the high power LED lights such ashigh power LED flood light should be low when normally work Otherwise , the life of high power LED flood light and other LED energy saving lamp is relatively short. Meanwhile, when the LED energy-saving lights light up , there are either quickly flashing or very harsh fluctuations, showing that there are quality problems of LED energy-saving lamps including the high power LED flood light.

high power LED flood light

2.  start-up performance

There will be two characteristics when LED energy-saving lamps start: First, the higher the temperature the more likely to start ; Second, turn off the lights , do not flash . Also what worth mentioning is that many high power LED flood light or other LED Energy-saving lamps are very dark when turning on, which is detrimental for lamp life , LED energy-saving lamps particularly the power LED lights such as the high power LED flood light shall be provided with power supply circuit and PCB board in its interior .

3. the interference

In China, the electromagnetic compatibility is the project the electrical equipment must pass, however, that this project is very complicated to detect, when the user purchases a lamp,first of all, see if there is the flag that is through National electromagnetic compatibility test on the package , the second is to use a shortwave radio , when the lights especially the power LED light including the high power LED flood light work , placed near the radio , the lower the noise shortwave radio emit, the better electromagnetic compatibility tested of high power LED flood light and other LED lights.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for the better understanding of high power LED flood light.

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