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What are the difference between the LED tube light T5 and T8

The difference between the brighter and energy saving of tube T5 and T8 such as the LED tube light T5 and T8

LED tube light T5

Since T5 diameter is much thinner than the diameter of T8, T12 lamps , the probability of elastic collision between the atoms and electronically generated by the inert gas filled with traditional fluorescent tube is higher, the energy loss is smaller, which is also very beneficial to improve the efficiency of light. Since the inert gas filled is an unique mixture inert gas, which not only better protect the lamp cathode and contribute to start the lamp , but the air pressure can be reduced in the tube,further improving the lumen output of the tube. Therefore, although the power of tube is lower, but the total flux do not reduce, thus lamp luminous efficiency is improved , which means that T5 especially the LED tube light T5 is brighter and more energy efficient than LED tube light T8,.

3, T5 and T8 fluorescent tube fluorescent tube length difference:

LED tube light T5 is generally 5CM shorter than LED tube light T8 ( not the same as the length of the interface are not the same ) , so we should fully consider the size of the LED tube light if we transform the project, if the T8 Lamp base is used for energy saving , we can be directly put LED tube light T8, if we want to change with LED tube T5 for more energy-efficient , then we need to add the conversion bracket to put it . However, note that if we use the LED tube T5 for energy saving , we are no longer put LED tube T8 unless install a base, such costs is too big , we can only use LED tube light T5 to replace.

4, Price difference between T5 and T8 tube:

There are customers saying T5 transformed into T8 is more energy , then he needs to concern to two problems, one is the cost of transforming the tube , the second is the price of LED tube T5 and L8, which is cheaper , it is generally between $ 2-5 difference that is not much difference , which can not be considered . So we just need to inspect the size of base we will be able to decide to use LED tube light T8 or a T5 in the end.Browsing the http://www.ledclan.com to know detailed description about the characters and uses of the LED tube light T5 and T8.

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Wisdom lifestyle trends enhance intelligent LED lighting market space

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote communication control system composed of the computers , wireless data transmission , spread spectrum power line carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving technologies such as electrical control components to achieve the intelligent control of lighting equipment. With the strength of the light intensity adjustment , lighting soft-start, timing control , scene settings and other functions , and achieve safety, energy saving , comfortable and efficient features.

sensor LED flood light

Intelligent lighting makes the lighting industry shift from capital equipment paradigm to the service mode , increasing the value of the products . In the face of the future , the best advice is to how to reshape the lighting to become an integral part of the Internet and integrate the health care, energy, services , video , communications. The Internet of Things , intelligent building and other development will also give greater innovation space to LED intelligent lighting.

LED lighting experienced a brief peak trough and gradually phased return to state , but with the innovation of LED lighting technology especially the intelligent LED lighting such as sensor LED flood light, the cost of sensor LED flood light and other LED lighting products is being compressed. At the same time , what the most direct experience the LED intelligent lighting developed on the basis of LED light brings to mankind is the enjoy the awesome sense. LED intelligent lighting products including the sensor LED flood light have been successfully used in commercial lighting, home lighting, landscape lighting , road lighting , etc. areas, such as the RGB LED lights lighting up the food in the supermarket food; automatically adjustable the road lights and tunnel lights on the highway and tunnel; intelligent control multi-color landscape sensor LED flood light in major projects engineering and so on.

Compared with the traditional lighting , intelligent lighting can achieve security , energy efficiency, comfort , efficiency, so the field of intelligent lighting have good prospects for development areas at home , in office areas , in commercial areas and public facilities . At present, the Chinese market is not mature and intelligent lighting , intelligent lighting applications particularly the sensor LED flood light is just focused in the business world and the public sector , the intelligent lighting is also enjoying a great popularity in hotel , exhibition venues , municipal engineering , road traffic; addition , Office construction and high-end villa project also use the smart lighting. With the development of the domestic production of intelligent lighting technology and the increasingly efforts to the development and product promotion,the intelligent lighting applications is expected to be universal in the household field.

The insiders pointed out that the prices of commercial sensor LED flood light and household smart lighting have declined year on year by 15 % -20% the last two years, which is acceptable to the average consumer, LED home intelligent lighting capacity has been further released.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/high-power-waterproof-pir-led-flood-light-series.htm to know more about the practical and competitive sensor LED flood light.

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Why choose LED light instead of others

Now we can often see a lot of stores selling the LED in the market , since LED was born,it has been a high-profile , why is it so ? Reason is necessary from the advantages of LED energy saving lamp itself! For energy saving and environmental protection advantages of including the outdoor LED flood light and other LED light are well known by people ! China LED energy-saving lamps network summarizes the advantages are:

First , LED especially the high power outdoor LED flood light with high efficiency advantage. Said that there is no comparison for LED energy saving lamp is not convincing . We can take the most common 60 -watt incandescent for example, the need to spend 17 hours of electricity , common LED10 -watt energy-saving lamps such as the outdoor LED flood light one kilowatt-hour in 100 hours , from which we can easily conclude that LED light has more energy efficient advantage !

Secondly, LED energy-saving lamps have environmental advantages . LED lamps are known as the 21st century green light , why do I say ? The reason is that LED lamps such as the high power outdoor LED flood light do not contain any polluting and toxic substances , waste of the LED can be recycled , and it does not produce harmful electromagnetic waves when used, these points are the other lighting do not have , and the LED light particularly the outdoor LED flood light do not emit ultraviolet and infrared light , no radiation, so that it can ensure the user ‘s health, even more unusual is that the use of LED lamps can help us protect our eyesight , because it uses the DC drive, no flash frequency .

Third , the life of LED energy saving lamp is very long . In our stage lighting equipment commonly used , preferably also in the life of eight thousand hours , but the life span of ordinary energy-saving outdoor LED flood light and other LED light is up to thirty thousand hours , we can try to count that how long we will not be worried about changing lamps any more! I believe the result is amazing !

Fourth , LED’s market potential has a strong advantage ! Because with the continuous improvement of quality of life , more and more people pursue a healthy living environment , so the LED energy-saving light including the outdoor LED flood light source will become the dominate !

outdoor LED flood light

Fifth , the range where the LED’s used is pretty wide. Not only in urban areas of our lives , in many remote mountainous areas , the LED light especially the outdoor LED flood light that is good at waterproof and dustproof can be used ! Therefore, the market potential for LED lamps is no way we estimate !

Outdoor LED flood light and other LED lights will inevitably be concerned by parties. The energy-saving LED light  is making our lives greener and healthy.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm for more description about the outdoor LED flood light.

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