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The global LED lighting market will reach $ 25.82 billion in 2014

DIGITIMES Research estimates that the annual growth rate of the value of global high-brightness LED production including the high power LED flood light will be 12.9% in 2014  , reaching $ 12.74 billion , the industrial applications are respectively high power LED flood light and other LED lighting products, tablet computers , mobile devices, vehicles , etc driving growth momentum., the annual growth rate of high power LED flood light and other commercial and household LED lights will be 64.2 %, 36.8 %, 9.2 %, 9.8 %.

high power LED flood light

In contrast, large- size backlight applications are presented attenuation circumstances , terms of number of LED components, the annual reduction rate of notebook (NB), Monitor, TV will be 6.7 %, 10.1 %, 3.8 % in 2014. TV backlight applications because LEDTV penetration has been high by 2013 and will increase limitedly in 2014, pulsing LEDTV using LED backlight small increase in the proportion and on other factors , resulting in attenuation of LED usage , although 4K LEDTV can drive backlight , then because the proportion of the total TV will remain low, so the overall amount of backlight LEDTV will continue to decay .

For global high power LED flood light and other LED lighting market , estimated that the market will reach $ 25.82 billion and penetration rate of high power LED flood light and other LED lighting will be 23.4%, mainly due to shipments of high power LED flood light,LED bulbs, tubes , spotlights multiple growing , however the price will be affordable , the annual growth rate of output of high power LED flood light and other LED lighting will be 38%. In terms of the number of lighting products, be the highest proportion will be that of LED bulbs in 2014, followed by LED tubes and high power LED flood light and spotlights , the proportion will be 33.4 %, 23.3 %.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm,you shall be not disappointed to find the pretty detailed and optional high power LED flood light.

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How to store and package high power LED flood light

High power LED flood light themselves are very ruggedness , but the manufacturers have to pay attention to how to package the high power LED flood light after testing and installation is completed. After the completion of detecting high power LED flood light,some are carried out to the warehouse for temporarily store and then taken out to completely package unless the customer needs,. Then what we needs to pay attention to when storing and packaging high power LED flood light.

We can consider adding a plastic film to the outside layer of high power LED flood lights for temporary placement , then , and then put into the warehouse . If it is soon to be shipped , then it is need to put the original high power LED flood light lights attached a film into the foam board ( polystyrene foam board ) , and then foam board together with high power LED flood light must be put into the box. Well, Having been packaged , LED lighting can be placed in a secure location , be sure to place it in a stable place, do not place other items at the top of the box. LED lighting will be placed in ventilated, dry place ,which is also very important , avoid the appearance of rust inside the lamp , but most of the ends of the LED lamp is using materials which do not rust , rust it is impossible to rust , when placed , more attention is still very necessary.

high power LED flood light

After the high power LED flood lights are placed well , do not move and  casually touch.

It is the best to place the high power LED flood light in a special warehouse , not only without any damage , but also to avoid excessive dust affecting the use of high power LED lights.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for more characters and features about the pretty competitive high power LED flood light.

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LED lighting solutions contributes to pretty dramatic and appropriate Space Shuttle Atlantis

Kennedy Space Center has become the first to show the whole exhibition space shuttle flight mode , using the Lumenpulse ‘s LED lighting solutions including the high power LED flood light. Space Shuttle Atlantis is hanged at 30 feet in the air, the new exhibition galleries adopted the advanced lighting technology particularly the high power LED flood light, showing the form the orbiter presents in space .

Space Shuttle Atlantis Lifts Off With Lumenpulse LED Technology

The Lighting solutions of the exhibition is designed by the lighting design firm Fisher Marantz Stone , using a 250pcs Lumenpulse company’s products such as the high power LED flood light, which can change with change of temperature and tint to re-create special lighting environment in outer space.

“For this project, the form factor and flexibility are critical, but Lumenpulse company’s products pretty meet the requirements of this project , more importantly , they provide a more rigorous allocation scheme in high-power , high lumen package aspects particularly the high power LED flood light , ” project manager of Fisher Marantz Stone Paula Martinez-Nobles said.

NASA is very familiar with LED technology : adjustable, dynamic white light technology is used to adjust the astronauts sleep mode. ” SpaceCenter is to ensure reliability and ease of maintenance problems, they would not want to climb the track every few months to adjust the lamp , so the use of high power LED flood light and other LED lighting is a must, ” she said.

For Francois-Xavier Souvay who is the President and CEO of Lumenpulse, the exhibition not only shows the strength of the current LED technology , while also giving the space shuttle Atlantis due respect.

” If you see it displayed in a traditional museum exhibitions , anyone who are interested in  NASA ‘s shuttle program or the track itself will be disappointed and this modern , vibrant lighting design especially the high power LED flood light provides the visitors with Asia Atlantis opportunity face to face,which is an such important part for aerospace history and pretty dramatic and appropriate , and we are honored to participate in this exciting exhibition , “he said.

Space Shuttle Atlantis has already been the last orbiter flying in space . It is the core exhibit in this 90,000 square feet of exhibition, and this new exhibition is also dedicated to the design of NASA ‘s space shuttle program. Login http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for vivid and detailed performance and usage of high power LED flood light.

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New York State grants $ 800,000 for OLED technology research

New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) announced $ 4.8 million funding for energy- technology research projects, including projects related to OLED technology receiving a total of $ 800,000.

$ 491,000 received by OLED Works company is to improve the performance of OLED production process and control , aimed at creating a low-cost , reliable products. This is the second time funding OLED Works from NYSERDA , the first is to get $ 200,000 in funding on June of this year for the joint development with WAC Lighting office lighting , the plan is to combine indirectly LED devices with OLED components .


R-Display & Lighting company received $ 100,000 in funding for the development of highly efficient and stable OLED lighting materials . The focus of the project is the use of advanced new light-emitting materials manufacturing more energy-efficient and low-cost lighting products. New York OLED lighting manufacturers will work together to give support for their commercialization.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute get $ 210,000 grants , their plans are to in collaboration with the Lighting Research Center and create OLED technology and education center. The OLED Application Innovation Center will provide manufacturers in New York State with technical support and learning opportunities face to face to enable them to better understand and use OLED technology , and ultimately achieve the goal to accelerate the development and market acceptance.

United States as the world’s strongest country focusing on researching and developing the technology has increase invested in OLED,undoubtedly, OLED is now much closer to our lives, it is vastly providing  display for mobile phones and computer and other electronics.Moreover,the organic LED  belongs to a class of the LED, with the fiery LED lighting applications,it has gained the growing recognition, but LED lighting is surely the main applications of the LED.

Nowadays,the high power LED flood light is widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting and outdoor lighting in daily life, the high power LED flood light is mainly used in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel,  waiting rooms, airports etc. where the  brighter and intelligent light needs to illuminate,meanwhile,there are a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the LED light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts  highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the high power LED flood light so that fully guaranteed stable and soft light and octahedron breadth and bright irradiation range of the high power LED flood light, while  low voltage constant current driver ensure that the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of high power LED flood light and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and polluting the environment, that’s why the LED light is Known as energy-saving and environmental protection ,login http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm  to know pretty awesome and qualify high power LED flood light .

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How long is the life of LED light

Energy saving, environmental protection, long life are three advantages of LED lighting products especially the high power LED flood light have been advertising, as the third generation of LED light-emitting principle of semiconductor lighting,energy conservation and environmental protection is certain, LED products such as the high power LED flood light have been relying on compliance with the ” low-energy ” that is global environmental protection requirements for now , and gradually conquer the market , but for long life, most of us have been doubting.

high power LED flood light

Why high power LED flood light and other LED lighting product damage is generally mainly the power , in fact, there is no big problem with the chip, but light decay is inevitable. What the general description of LED light is that all of it can be used for more than 50,000 hours , and some manufacturers claim that their LED can operate 100,000 hours. But most of the shelf life of LED products including the high power LED flood light is less than 1 year on the market , if the LED light keep on being used within the specified time, then there is no more than 8000 hours , even the not to fifth of the standard life. Perhaps indeed the life of LED products especially the high power LED flood light is longer than traditional lamps , but how long in the end does not seem to have a clear answer.

Rated life of LED lamps can not be measured to calculate by conventional methods. When testing LED life, no one has been waiting for it stop functioning. So legendary 50,000 hours of LED products is just experiment estimated value. why LED light particularly the high power LED flood light is lasting is because that it does not produce the problem of filament fuse . Although LED do not directly stop working , but it will gradually degrade. It is predicted that high-quality LED  light maintain more than 60% of the initial light intensity after continuously operating for 50,000 hours. Assumption that LED has reached its rated life , in fact it may still be light, but the light is very weak. it is necessary to reduce or completely dissipate the heat generated by the LED chip to extend the service life of LED. Heat is the main reason for why the LED stops functioning. the 50000 hours is when the high power LED flood light and other is operating in theoretically absolute environment , due to too much influence outside, the actual life can only be estimated by simulating conditions worsen . There are many uncontrollable reasons by the environment for the practical application, such as drive current stability of high power LED flood light and other LED light , transient currents impact , the environment and thermal material the LED light is in and using so that the LED life is significantly reduced.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm is to know more about features and uses of the high power LED flood light.

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Why choose LED lights including the high power LED flood light

( A ) Energy conservation : the spectrum of LED especially the high power LED flood light almost concentrates in the visible light spectrum, the luminous efficiency is up to 80-90%. We have compared the LED and incandescent , spiral energy saving lamps and T5 trichromatic fluorescent,the results showed that: the light efficiency of ordinary incandescent is 12lm / w, life expectancy is less than 2000 hours , the luminous efficiency of spiral energy saving lamp is 60lm / w, less than 8000 hours life , T5 fluorescent lamps is 96Alm / w, life is about 10,000 hours, and white LED such as the high power LED flood light whose diameter is 5 mm is 20-28lm / w, life can be more than 100,000 hours. It was also predicted that the future of the LED lifetime will be infinite.

high power LED flood light

Most people believe what a great initiative is that energy-saving lamps can save more 1 /5 energy , but high power LED flood light can save more than 1/ 10 that energy-saving lamps, which is the greater reforms for the solid light source. In addition, LED also has other advantages , the high power LED flood light and other LED light is of highly quality light, almost no radiation , which is typically the green lighting ; reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs and so on. It is because that LED light source also has the above features other solid unmatched , the high power LED flood light and other LED light will be the mainstream of the commercial and household lighting industry 10 years later.

( B) safety and environmental protection : LED ‘s operating voltage is low, mostly 1.4-3V; ordinary LED operating current is only 10mA, high brightness is just 1A. LED do not add the ” Mercury ” during the production process and does not need inflated , take the high power LED flood light for example,it has no glass shell and is known as impact resistance , shock resistance , unbreakable , easy to transport , very green , known as the “green energy .”

( C ) Long life : LED is of small size , light weight , the shell is epoxy encapsulated , which can not only protect the internal chip , but also has the ability to transmit and condense the light . LED life generally between the 20,000-30,000 hours, because the LED is a semiconductor device , even frequent switching , the high power LED flood light and other LED light will not affect the service life. the main use of home lighting is currently incandescent, fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps .

(D ) fast response : fτ that is the response frequency of LED is related to the τmc materials which is the lifetime of minority carriers injected such as LED that is the source of LED light including the high power LED flood light made from GaAs, the τmc is usually between the range of 1-10ns , the response frequency of LED is about 16-160MHz, such a high frequency response is enough for the video signal displaying 6.5MHz , and this is the key factors for achieving video LED screen of .

Currently, the minimum response time of LED has reached is 1 microsecond , more than a few milliseconds in general , which is about 1 /100 of the response time of ordinary light. It can be used in many high frequency environments , such as automotive brake lights or status lights , which can shorten the braking time between of the rear vehicle, thereby improving safety.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for more about the characters and used of affordable but pretty competitive high power LED flood light.

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How to distinguish the LED lights

Along with the state vigorously promote LED lighting , making LED lighting products rapid growth and popularity . As the LED products such as the high power LED flood light are emerging product in lighting industry , which the ordinary people pretty are unfamiliar with , and even those manufacturers and vendors part of whose technology is not perfect misinterpret the customers, leading to that ordinary users misunderstand the high power LED flood light and other LED lighting products , bringing some obstacles to promotion and use of LED products. This article aims at helping the majority of users correctly understand and judge the quality of quality LED products , here are ten kinds of ways about how to distinguish the quality of LED lights.

high power LED flood light

1, Should choose the brand or enterprise’s products whose trademark with “R” that has been registered, make sure that the appearance of the LED lights including the high power LED flood light is beautiful and shiny;product trademarks , models, specifications and printed writing are clear and beautiful, there should be no distortion paint, color disparities .

2, the radiators of LED lamps especially the high power LED flood light are usually made of aluminum, the bigger the contact area between the radiator and air,the better, which is good for dissipating the heat , so that the whole lamp is stable , light decay is few and life is long; bulbs and ceiling spotlights shall not have too much holes to prevent mosquitoes from climbing into during use, affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.

3, LED bulb, ceiling spotlights, track lighting , if irradiating on the white wall, there should be no stain, color ring and other obvious color temperature errors , if such a phenomenon, indicating that the light beads of the lamp is poor .

4 , turn on high power LED flood light and other LED lights ,it is a normal phenomenon that there is a second to two seconds difference between the power and the lamp emitting, the high power LED flood light and other LED lamp usually uses a constant current source with driver IC integrated circuit , the performance of steady flow and regulator is good and stable.

5 , Avoiding that the heat of the body particularly the high power LED flood light is not too high or uneven when working, if such a phenomenon, indicating there is problem with the lamp design or production process, the high power LED flood light and other LED light whose light fades is large are easily damaged.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for more description about the characters of the awesome and competitive high power LED flood light.

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