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American LED lighting is expected to reach 46% by 2020

According to research firm Pike Research ‘s report , the outdoor LED flood light and other commercial , industrial outdoor LED lighting market in the United States is expected to reach 46% in 2020 , the market size is $ 4.4 billion , which means that the market size of outdoor LED flood light and other commercial , industrial LED lighting is about 20 billion.

Despite the high- performance of LED lighting such as outdoor LED flood light is expensive, but the amortization expense will not be dearer than that of traditional light bulbs through prolonged use, but the current price still allow consumers to be deterred. Such as GE, Philips and Panasonic are committed to the development of outdoor LED flood light and other LED bulbs , there are none of business who have yet cut the cost of commercial , industrial LED lighting especially outdoor LED flood light down to $ 40 or less , the price allow business users to be deterred.

However, Pike Research also pointed out that the price of outdoor LED flood light and other commercial , industrial lighting systems continue to fall in recent years, and compared to popular incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps now , as the demand on energy saving and environmental protection is increasing, the outdoor LED flood light and other LED  lighting which is known as  prominent environmental protection and energy saving effect will replace the traditional lighting and become third generation of lighting . In addition to the price is more attractive , the government subsidy will attract more commercial market into the arms of LED lighting.

Compared with the domestic market , the commercial market is more precise calculation of return on investment as well , such as high-performance outdoor LED flood light and other power LED lighting , as long as the upfront investment returns in the future , the outdoor LED flood light and other commercial LED lighting market will be faster than the domestic market, and home users are most likely be deterred due to large upfront investment.

outdoor LED flood light

In addition , Pike predicted that LED lighting market particular the public LED light such as outdoor LED flood light and LED road light the government sector invest will grow rapidly, many municipal governments are buyers of large number of LED lights. Plus many who have confirmed advance into subsequent years did significantly reduce operating costs , which is expected to bring more adoption of the government departments and other relevant departments.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm to know more about the features of outdoor LED flood light.

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