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What are differences between COB LED flood lights and traditional floodlight

COB LED flood light is totally different from traditional floodlight, not only in light-emitting principle but also in the structure is also a great difference. the COB LED flood lightcurrently mass replacement of the traditional floodlights, we need to understand what are these differences between COB LED flood lights and traditional floodlight.

productive process of COB LED flood light

1, the electrical box of traditional floodlight requires mining lamp ballasts, capacitors mining lamp triggers and other accessories , and COB LED floodlight only be equipped with LED drive power.

2, the traditional source is generally metal halide light floodlight most widely uses , and COB LED flood light adopts LED chip as the cold light source

3 , just by matching the different shape of the reflector is to achieve the distribution of light for traditional spotlights, COB LED flood light need the lens to adjust light curve.

4, LED driver power supply and LED chip of COB LED flood light can achieve good waterproof and dustproof effect after packaging, while traditional  floodlights need to install glass to achieve high IP rating effect.

5, COB LED flood light is more energy efficient than conventional floolights , such as150w COB LED floodlights can completely replace traditional 400W floodlight ; 100w-120w LED flood lights can replace conventional 250w floodlight , which can achieve a ratio 2 or even higher ratios.

Having understood above five differences , I believe everyone has a rough understanding why COB LED flood light can replace traditional spotlights . LED technology is still in constant progress and mature, I believe LED floodlight must be more popular in near future.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid19-1.htm for more emotional and  optional competitive COB LED flood light.

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