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Why Europe vigorously promote the use of LED lighting

Germany’s LED lighting products including the outdoor LED flood light are mainly imported from China , Malaysia, Italy and other countries. Among them, China is Germany’s largest LED lighting products supplier , the amount of imports accounted for 51.5 % of total imports ; followed by Malaysia, the amount of imports accounted for only 11.2%. In addition, Germany also importe LED lighting products such as outdoor LED flood light from the Italy , the United States , the Netherlands , Austria and other countries, but not large share of imports , accounting for no more than 6%.

LED light in Europe

Favorable policies contribute to the development of LED lighting industry

1. The European Union banned all sales of traditional incandescent on September 1, 2012 , the halogen will be banned from sale in 2016 , which means that energy-efficient LED lights especially outdoor LED flood light will have a broader market,the outdoor LED flood light and other LED lighting replacing the traditional lighting is imperative.

2 , the European Union requires the vehicle driver to open the lights running during the daytime to enhance road safety. Since 2011, the German new cars and small trucks has been a mandatory requirement to install headlights, while buses and large trucks also needed to install the headlights in 2012. If these headlights use LED lighting, illumination will not only increase , but can save power consumption even if opening for a long time. Meanwhile, the demand for automotive interior LED lighting is also increasing .

3, ” Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)” will enable the implementation of demand for LED lighting such as outdoor LED flood light alternating to traditional lighting surge.

4 , outdoor LED flood light and other LED lights as the lighting not only have a lot of needs, but also as decorative items are also emerging in many areas . LED lights particularly the outdoor LED flood light is increasingly being used as the exterior lights in some European luxury boutiques.Surfing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm,you will not be disappointed to know more features of outdoor LED flood light.

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