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Expansion of LED lighting manufacturing base in Germany is to attract foreign investment

REVIEW: “The German automotive lighting is also seeking more funds we urgently need foreign money into the construction of LED facility particularly the  public LED light such as LED tunnel light and LED street light to support the rapid growth of LED lighting development and we welcome all foreign investment company , German will provide an excellent basically facilities and skilled workers for them. ”

public LED lighting

In terms of automotive lights and street lights , Germany has invested heavily in the development of related semiconductor lighting industry especially LED lighting including the LED tunnel light and LED street light , however, Germany is intended to create a larger semiconductor lighting manufacturing base which is being called for more foreign capital investment, the LED tunnel light and other public LED lighting is currently rapidly developing . Professional market research firm Frost & Sullivan projected the growth rate of portion of LED tunnel light and other LED lighting will remain in over 10 percent from 2012- 2018 ; 2008-2018 , the LED bulb is expected to grow by 27% CAGR .

The German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency experts participating in LED / OLED Expo opening of South Korea said, ” many other lighting companies in semiconductor lighting industry have been ready for the next phase of growth .” Germany Trade & the Invest Deutsche is an official agency of the FederalRepublic ‘s foreign trade and inward investment , seeking the potential investors who are interested in entering the German market , but also provide the German companies hoping to open foreign markets with information consultation.

“Thanks to Germany ‘s energy revolution , domestic lighting infrastructure has been a major upgrade . LED street lights and LED tunnel light used for the pilot project have been started in several cities in Germany .” Jonathan Schoo ,expert of Foreign Trade and Investment Agency said, ” Germany ‘s car lighting is also seeking more funds , we urgently need foreign money into the construction of  LED tunnel light and LED street light and other public LED facility to support the rapid growth of LED lighting development and we welcome all foreign investment company , Germany will provide them with excellent infrastructure and skilled workers . “Surfing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for more characters of public LED tunnel light.

Article from http://www.lighting-ledlight.com/index.php/german-led-lighting-market-analysis-and-entry-strategy/

Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel had been the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in Europe

On the fall of 2008 , Thüringer Schmücketunn EL tunnel on A71 motorway had been the first and the longest tunnel using LED tunnel lighting in German and Europe. All of the LED tunnel lighting fixtures were made of Golden DRAGON LED products of OSRAM, while Dellux Technologies company has also developed a special LED tunnel lighting . Dellux lighting lamps and OSRAM LED lighting can be described as the perfect combination to provide the LED tunnel lighting equipment whose service life is over 130,000 hours ( 15 years ) and almost needs no maintenance. With Dellux patented “LED Degradation Compensation Technology”, the power consumption of LED tunnel lighting installed reduced by 30 % over that of ordinary 70W high intensity discharge lamps.

Verkehrsfreigabe für Schmücketunnel

Dellux technology combining with OSRAM Golden DRAGON LED products is to ensure a minimum service life of 15 years lighting and brightness level does not drop. Michael Fiebig, director of marketing, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors solid-state lighting division , said : “This is a big advantage of lighting products , especially for tunnel lighting because the maintenance and replacement of lighting not only costly but also causing great inconvenience to the vehicle in the tunnel, meanwhile endangering the safety of the drivers, the light source and LED tunnel lighting used in this project exceeded stringent safety standards , which has good heat and durability , and less susceptible to contamination, another big advantage is that the long-term test results showed that Osram LED lumens decline curve is stable and the position offset color rarely occurs during use . Osram excellent lighting with LED Degradation Compensation Technology of Dellux patented technology makes that the shortest life of LED tunnel lighting is up to 30,000 hours, and can always maintain the necessary illumination . “Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for more vivid and detailed description about the features and uses of LED tunnel lights.

Article from http://www.lighting-ledlight.com/index.php/thuringer-schmucketunn-el-tunnel-had-been-the-longest-tunnel-using-led-tunnel-lighting-in-europe/