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LED lights were cleverly set up on both sides of the Sidewalks in Korea

Korea National Police Agency official Facebook recently disclosed a group of “new concept sidewalk” as the theme of the photo, attracting a lot of attention of netizens. The photograph is sidewalk in front of a primary school in Kyung North Gyeongsang Gimcheon. LED lights were cleverly set up on both sides of the Sidewalks, by changing the red and green color is to prompt pedestrians to cross the road safely.

LED lights on both sides of the Sidewalks

It is understood that in addition to lighting effects, this new concept of LED sidewalk also has audible prompts function, user-friendly design also brings a lot of convenience for children and people with disabilities.

Korean netizens said: “The lighting is very smart, pretty suitable for night”, “The design is very user-friendly”, “The kids really like.”

Beyond doubt, LED lighting as the third generation of the semiconductor light-emitting diodes  lighting, the energy saving features are not only excellent, but also because semiconductor technology can better perfect combination of  design , agriculture, medicine, industry, aerospace and other fields  in forms of the intelligent lighting bring us a pretty new and unique experience.

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