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Sensor LED flood light helps Heathrow Airport solve lighting problems

London Heathrow International Airport plans to replace all of the bulbs on the roof of Terminal 5 departure hall with environment-friendly sensor LED flood light, the project is expected to take four months, the total cost will cost several million pounds.

LED lighting at airport

There are currently 60% of 120,000 bulbs which have been scrapped at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. But after 2008 , the airport has not been replaced these scrapped bulbs because of the difficulty of replacing the lamp. Vicki O’Brien who is the customer service manager of Heathrow British Airways said bulb hanging on a 120 ft high ceiling in Terminal, the airport has studied a variety of ways to replace the lamps , including senior automotive lifts and cranes , but the results were not feasible argument .

Previously , the airport had received complaints of passengers because of the lighting problems in the Terminal, some staff said that the lights is not bright enough at the airport , which is inconvenience to a desk job . because of a larger proportion of the current Lighting scrapped, the airport has started to supplement emergency lighting equipment .

Finally , after months of discussion Heathrow , finally decided to adopt ” Cirque du Soleil ” professional aerial team to replace bulbs with sensor LED flood light. The life of new sensor LED flood light bulb will be expected to be five years .

Heathrow Terminal 5 has the world’s largest lighting control systems, including 2,600 sensors can automatically turned off the lamps. Therefore , the sensor LED flood light to be installed is undoubtedly the most ideal lighting fixtures in line with the design and needs of lighting in the terminal. Browsing  http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/high-power-waterproof-pir-led-flood-light-series.htm for more information about the sensor LED flood light.

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