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Why is vigorously promoting the use of LED tunnel light

With the growing number of tunnel projects , tunnel construction has played an increasingly important role in modern transportation .The tunnel is a section of closed space , wherein the natural light can not be irradiated , the internal need for artificial lighting in order to ensure the safety and the continuity with the driver even during the day. Tunnel lighting is an integral part of the tunnel construction .

LED tunnel light

LED tunnel light as a green energy is expected to develop for the new fourth-generation of lighting equipment . The LED tunnel light is close to the natural light color , which is no flicker and can better restore the true color of the irradiated material , so that the human eye  is more comfortable with the LED tunnel light. More importantly, the LED tunnel light is more energy efficient than other light sources , in this era of depleting energy , energy efficiency means more competitive. The data shows that LED light including LED tunnel light is 17%  energy-saving more than that of HPS and incandescent light , 5% than that of fluorescent and energy-saving lamps, while the life expectancy is 10 to 15 times longer than that of incandescent , 5 times longer over that of fluorescent lamps .

The LED tunnel light has been put into effect in the tunnel in China , Nanjing road tunnel became the first domestic LED lighting tunnel,which implements the LED tunnel light automatically adjusts intelligent dimming control system with the intensity of light entering the tunnel. Compared to the traditional programs,the LED tunnel light achieve 15% energy-saving  , and the life of LED tunnel light is 3-4 times over that of traditional tunnel lamps , greatly reducing light loss and routine maintenance costs.

With the development of modernization , size and number of tunnel lighting facilities will increase. The tunnel is a high energy place , the cost of electricity operator is rising , more energy efficient light and energy-saving lighting control system will urgently need to be designed to enhance the brightness and reasonable lighting effects to ensure traffic safety and comfort. LED tunnel light came into being as time requires.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm to know more characters of LED tunnel light.

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