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LED lights lit 18 meters robot

LED lights has been used to light up a 18-meter-high Gundam to celebrate the festival in Tokyo Odaiba shopping mall recently in Japan. Being upgraded,the entire lighting system wasthe modified to be irradiated from the foot to up, making the model in a sci-fi atmosphere with color LED lights. Prior to January 13 next year, models will be lit from 17:00 to 23:00.

LED lights lighting up the robot

Odaiba is a large shopping mall in Tokyo entertainment and shopping venues, including theme parks and the theme museum experience. During the festival, the theme park will also sell two limited edition Christmas commemorative products. In addition, since January 16 next year, the theme park will hold “Gundam Exhibition”, which will show all the Gundam series and its structure and accessories, including the “head”, “helmet”, “shield “and” backpack “and other structures show.

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