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London will put into effect the country’s largest deployment scenarios of LED street lights and LED tunnel lights

London which is the Britain’s biggest city will put into effect the country’s largest deployment scenarios of LED street lights and LED tunnel lights to complete the 40 % energy savings of 2016. Transport for London (TFL) has announced that a LED street reconstruction projects would be cooperated in the Office of the Mayor of London, including the upgrade of 35,000 LED street lights and LED tunnel lights and installment of a network adaptive control system to monitor and control the lights . In addition , the Northeast Kingdom Lincolnshire also open a street light project , including solid-state lighting (SSL) 16,500 LED streetlights and LED tunnel lights .

LED street lighting

LED street light

TfL engineers to measure the level of LED street lighting

TfL engineers is measuring the level of LED street lighting

London street light project will support the specified target of Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London: 60% reduction on carbon emissions by 2025, Johnson said : ” installing modern LED streetlights and LED tunnel lights on our capital’s main roads will not only reduce carbon emissions and maximize savings capital investment, it will also give London a better and safer roads . ” According to Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) shows that TfL has a total of 52,000 street lights ,it is expected that the ultimate goal of the plan is to upgrade all the lights with LED street lights and LED tunnel lights over decades, but the first phase will focus on the 35,000 street lights which will be completed in 2016. This phase is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 9700 tonnes per year , and save £ 1.85 million ( approximately $ 3 million) – a savings of 40%. The initial phase of the £ 10.9 million cost which will be spent purchasing and installing the LED street light and LED tunnel lights will be recovered within a few years .

LED tunnel lights installed in Thames Street tunnel

In addition, there are two additional money savings , including reduced maintenance costs and the lighting control network established by TfL and called Central Management System (CMS) will maximize energy savings and efficiency ; CMS level can be set depending on the traffic lights luminance level and automatically detect the required maintenance. TfL said the CMS is provided by Harvard School of Engineering , which is the largest single investment in the history of street lighting including the LED street lights and LED tunnel lights in London . The value of adaptive control has been demonstrated in other SSL trials of the UK , such as the LED tunnel lights installed by Transport for London Thames Street tunnel two years ago.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for the better understanding of LED tunnel lights.

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