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Panasonic will list LED road lighting including the LED tunnel lighting

LED road lighting including the LED tunnel lighting( highways and roads )will be listed on 6th January 2014 by Panasonic . The LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting product are equipped the control functions by reducing light leakage around to prevent light pollution , but also equipped with automatically reduce brightness to reduce waste functionality. The system complies with the “LED road and tunnel lighting using guidelines ( draft ) ” requirement Japanese Ministry of Land published on September 2011 to meet the conditions on the highway use.

LED tunnel lighting

There will be six kinds of combination of the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting listed by Panasonic according to the number of lanes ( lanes 1-3 ) and brightness needs,which will be respectively equipped with pole -mounted and mounted lamp arm , a total of 12 models launched. Colors are white, enabling a wide road dedicated light . by simultaneously controlling the front and rear side ( road side and surrounding side ) light distribution of LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting is to reduce light leakage , thereby reducing the impact on the surrounding buildings and farmland crops caused by the LED street lighting .

Automatically reduce the brightness to reduce power waste feature called “initial beam compensation ” is equipped with the “Timer Break dimming function ” and ” upper limit value of the beam adjustment function . ” by pre-setting the brightness , the brightness control in order to achieve power saving at the midnight,the brightness of LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting can be set to 50% by using the timer segmented dimming function , and the use of the beam adjustment function can customize processing by 2.5% intervals between 80 ~ 100% adjustment.

By using these three functions , power consumption can be reduced , while also based on the brightness of the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting required by the central government and local government , taking advantage of limits on the beam adjustment function fine tuned is to meet the requirements . The new LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting product are also equipped with tempered glass , anti-fall lead ” lightning surge function” which is over international specifications standard , in terms of security has been fully considered. In addition , the LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting also have the durability that can be used at minus 20 ℃,which can also be used in cold areas. Panasonic strive to sell 10,000 units LED tunnel lighting and LED street lighting in 2014. Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for more information about the LED tunnel lighting.

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Significant energy saving effect of LED tunnel lighting is over 50%

In order to ensure the safety and coherence of vehicles in the tunnel, according to the national standard , tunnel lighting system must be opened to run either during day or night , tunnel lighting is a relatively large tunnel operating costs .

LED tunnel lighting

The tunnel lights are transformed into LED tunnel lighting, on the one hand ,improving tunnel brightness  , enhancing the traffic environment and comfort , on the other hand , the LED tunnel lighting contributes to environmental protection, energy saving, long life, maintenance cycle short.

This reporter has learned that LED lights including LED tunnel lighting because of energy saving, long life are widely used as an important field of energy-saving environmental protection industry , is included in China’s strategic emerging industries as the country ‘s promote and popularize way of lighting . with the government ‘s promotion of environmental protection , energy saving, emission reduction targets currently accelerate the popularization of LED lighting in public facilities lighting field , but in the tunnel , the good results of LED tunnel lighting transformation in Xiamen in the country are relatively rare. This move will greatly save coal and reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide , strongly promoting the pace of the green low-carbon development in Xiamen .

At the acceptance of the meeting, a third-party certification Fangyuan Certification Mark Certification Group Limited issued a power consumption evaluation of test reports : after being transformed with LED tunnel lighting, the annual energy savings of Wucun LED tunnel  lighting is up to 3,338,000 degrees, energy-saving rate is 53.56% ; the energy savings of Wanshishan LED tunnel lighting is up to 1.61 million degrees annually, saving rate is 54.39%.Surfing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for more information about the LED tunnel lighting.

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