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Panasonic will expand China ‘s LED lighting business

Being optimistic about the prospects of China’s green lighting , Panasonic will expand its China ‘s LED lighting business especially the commercial LED lighting including the high power LED flood light. Jima Masaki who is responsible for environmental solutions and lighting Division of Panasonic Corporation, person Masaki City recently revealed that in 2015 , Panasonic will increase the proportion of high power LED flood light and other commercial and industrial and household LED lighting in China to more than 60% .

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Masaki said the strategy of Matsushita lighting in the global lighting market is to develop high -quality products in Japan, , its own production plant in China and India and sell commercial LED light such as high power LED flood light and industrial and household LED lighting in Asian countries .

Panasonic forecasts that the proportion of China LED general lighting particularly the commercial high power LED flood light and other commercial and industrial LED light in the market will be rising to from 20% in 2012 to over 50% in 2015 . Masaki said Panasonic hopes to seize this opportunity and the Panasonic China ‘s LED lighting business will account for up to 60% the next two years.

Currently , Panasonic has LED lighting manufacturing plant in Shanghai , Henan, Hebei. Masaki said the annual output value of Panasonic ‘s lighting business in China is now about 350 million yuan , the proportion of income of non- residential lighting such as high power LED flood light and other outdoor public LED light and residential lighting is 2.5:1 ; which hopes to reach 600 million yuan in 2015 , and expand the non- residential lighting business.

Accordingly , Panasonics will greatly expand sales channels of high power LED flood lightand other public LED light and industrial LED lighting product in China . Masaki said Matsushita Lighting stores in China will be increasing from about 2500 now to 5000 in2015 , expanding from the coastal areas to the secondary and tertiary markets .Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid125-1.htm for more information about the high power LED flood light.

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