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LED light box ranks the second among the 25 best inventions of this year

Francis Bacon once said, ” The real and rational aims of the science relay on benefiting human life and using the new inventions and wealth to enrich human life .” why the invention is great is that it can solve the problem which you think can not be solved. Such as skyscrapers can stealth, exoskeleton suit lets paralyzed people back on their feet and so on. In addition, the invention can also solve some of the problems you are not aware of , such as the resurrection of frogs that have become extinct , the U.S. Time magazine inventory of the top 25 best inventions of this year .

1 Driverless ( toy ) car : Artificial Intelligence startups Anki develop unmanned toy car , which challenges with Google driverless car . A sensor it carries can receive data from iPhone or iPad , so that the player controls the speed and direction.

2.Space Lightbox : the movie ” gravity ” photographer and visual effects supervisor Mark Webber Lubeiziji designed the “space box ” , there are 196 inlaid boards on the this 18- square meter boxes where there are 4096 LED bulbs, each one can simulate light in space .

LED light box in gravity

3.coffee wine: Portuguese and Spanish researchers developed into a coffee liquor . After the coffee grounds is placed in boiling water for 45 minutes , being poured out the water and added the sugar and yeast, and then let the mixture ferment purification , the new drinks finally produced that is similar to vodka and tequila, such as drinks will make you stay awake as same as the coffee.

4.Sony Intelligent Lens : DSC-QX100 lens has a larger sensor , high-quality optical glass and 3.6 focal length which can be used for iPhone and other smart phones, making the mobile phone into a remote viewfinder.

5.croissant donut bread : New York chef Dominique – Ansel launched one kind of butter sandwich on May this year  , on which the seductive syrup “donut + croissant ” is covered, and its recipe has swept the world , and many people prefer to wait for several hours to tast . Each is scooped from $ 40 to $ 5 by scalpers.

6.electric motorcycle racing MissionR: This mechanical monster engines is up to 160 hp, just 3 seconds acceleration from 0 to 60 Mai, the top speed is 240 km , which can travel 225 kilometers without charge . But it has zero emissions engine and no noise and digital touch-screen controls .

7.rafting pool : 3 Chinese designer created a rafting pool for the New York East River, which can not only clean up the river , but also give people a place to swim . The pool is a plus -shaped , making New Yorkers diving in the East River for the first time.

8.headset virtual reality glasses : headset virtual reality Oculus Rift glasses allows players to experience the immersive feeling in 3D environment . By improving the head tracking feature , creating a broad vision is to create a low cost home edition virtual reality devices.

9.edible password pills: just eating such a password pill being developed by Motorola every day , with the available acid -powered micro- chip. Being activated, it will launch mobile phone or a special 18 ECG signal computer can receive, changing the human body into a living password.

10.StealthBuilding: South Korea No Limit building is the world’s first building which can be invisible , even though being limited only a few hours per day . Projector project the scenery shot by the camera set rear the building onto the facade of building , which makes us thinking that it does not exist when we view from the front.

Thanks to the LED bulbs,the Matt Kowalsky has created the stunning deep space sci-fi adventure film,it is obvious that LED light box appearing in Hollywood blockbusters marks that LED lighting has been integrated into the film.

Beyond doubt, LED lighting as the third generation of the semiconductor light-emitting diodes  lighting, the energy saving features are not only excellent, but also because semiconductor technology can better perfect combination of film, clothing design , agriculture, medicine, industry, aerospace and other fields  in forms of the intelligent lighting bring us a pretty new and unique experience.

Definitely, LED lighting is closer and closer to our daily life。Meanwhile,the sensor LED flood light is  widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting and the outdoor lighting in daily life,the sensor LED flood light is enjoying a great popularity in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. where the brighter light needs to illuminate,moreover,there a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the sensor LED flood light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the sensor LED flood light so that fully guarantee the  octahedron breadth and brightness irradiation range of the sensor LED floodlight, while low voltage constant current driver ensure the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of the sensor LED flood light and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is Known as energy-saving and environmental protection. Login http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/high-power-waterproof-pir-led-flood-light-series.htm  to know more awesome and practical sensor LED flood light.