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The European Commission forecasts the intelligent lighting systems will make a significant impact on LED lighting market

The European Commission forecasts the intelligent lighting systems will make a significant impact on lighting market especially the LED lighting market including the outdoor LED flood light. More and more lighting companies are entering the LED lighting market , resulting in the  consolidation of he lighting industry. Customized solutions will become a growth opportunity to the lighting industry .

outdoor LED flood light

Although Europe has Philips and Osram which are two companies and the world’s leading LED lighting manufacturers, the development of solid-state lighting particularly the LED lighting such as outdoor LED flood light is still relatively slow. The Commission believes that the outdoor LED flood light and other solid-state lighting in other countries, especially China , Korea and Japan are rapidly developing thanks to the government ‘s strong support and the national strategy .

McKinsey & Company, a new report shows that the global lighting market size is about 52 billion euros in 2010 , of which Europe accounted for nearly 30 % share. By 2020 , the global lighting market will reach 88 billion euros , and then as the share of developing countries is rising, Europe will account for only 25%.

The Commission said that Europe must address the barriers currently affecting the development of outdoor LED flood light and other solid-state lighting to help the European lighting industry to stay ahead of global competitiveness.

The Commission acknowledged that although the European lighting industry had 150,000 employees, but the LED chip production is very limited. Philips Lumileds is a subsidiary of a major LED chip manufacturer, but Lumileds mainly produce LED chips in San Jose , California and Asia. Therefore , a subsidiary of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors became the only European one production leading manufacturer of LED chips .

Osram and Philips Lighting is the main representative of the European technology and industry influence , but other countries and companies outside Europe is rapidly advancing the development of LED light such as outdoor LED flood light and other solid-state lighting , etc. , which make Europe fear being left behind. the Japanese electronics giant Sharp ‘s “Mega Zeni” LED module provides up to 100 lumens / watt white light effect , which is for indoor and outdoor LED flood light and other outdoor lighting applications .Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/sid53-1.htm for more information about the outdoor LED flood light.

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The demand on general LED lighting will grow by 62% in 2014

The demand on  general LED lighting including commercial RGB LED flood light will grow by 62% in 2014 ,the market penetration of general commercial RGB LED flood light and other commercial and household LED lighting expected from 3-5% to about 9% (based on total worldwide demand on lumens, the penetration is approximately 7%) in 2013. the UBS analyst Fredric Stahl covering Osram and Philips believes that the revenues from LED lighting products such as RGB LED flood light have accounted for about 30% of the total revenue of OSRAM and Philips Lighting in 2013.

RGB LED flood light

General LED lighting applications especially RGB LED flood light is expected to account for 33% of global LED demand in 2013,  the proportion will rise to 42% in 2014,and further to 50% in 2015. Given the prices of commercial RGB LED flood light and household LED bulb fell rapidly recently, we estimate that the penetration of RGB LED flood light and other LED lighting which is currently expected to 9% may be upside in 2014  (based on the penetration of lumens).Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/led-flood-light-rgb-series.htm,you’ll find optional and emotional RGB LED flood light.

Article from http://www.lighting-ledlight.com/index.php/the-demand-on-general-led-lighting-including-rgb-led-floodlight-will-grow-by-62-2014/