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What are the three factors affecting the price of Chinese LED lighting

There are several key factors affecting the price of LED lighting product including the COB LED flood light:


1, the Chinese enterprises without core technology

The vast majority of upstream core patents of LED industry lies in the hands of foreigners , Chinese enterprises specializing in COB LED flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting products have not mastered the core technology , although the capacity of manufacturing LED application products such as COB LED flood light and other finished LED products in China,accounting for 50 % share in the world , but it does account for at least part of the profits.

The main cost of LED lighting is that of LED chip , as long as the prices of chip down , LED lumen unit can be reduced considerably with that of the energy-saving lamps . With the process , the number grow,the costs of LED chip using larger wafers will continue to reduce, of which the rate low by 20% annually in recent years , among the factor on prices of LED chip,the price also includes the enhancement of the efficiency of light, the same price is used to buy a better product , so there is still a significant price cut of the LED chip.

2, it is difficult to cool for LED application products especially the high power LED lights such as COB LED flood light

The cost of cooling maintains the 5% , the effective cooling design is very simple , there are two directions which should know: First , for the LED chip and the path of exterior heat sink, the shorter the better ; Second , heat resistance , which is to have adequate heat conduction path and sufficient ” cooling path .”  of which the cost main lie in that of the structure , the cost of structure accounts for about 20% in that of designing the COB LED flood light and other LED lights,the costs is not much for cooling. The biggest problem now is how to create more creative , more reasonable structure design .

3, LED power supply applications

Power is weakest part of COB led flood light and other commercial and industrial or household LED lighting , restricting the development of LED lighting . Design account for about 20% costs of LED lighting, some of which is higher , with the development of technology, the power accounting for about 5-10 % of the cost of the whole COB led flood light and other LED lighting applications is the most reasonable.

Compared to the other afterlife , in fact, the cost of LED light source including the commercial COB LED flood light is not high, especially LED light is known as excellent environmental protection, energy saving, no mercury , and the price of COB LED flood lightand other LED lighting applications are sliding down at every quarter of year, the price of LED lighting will be able to reach an acceptable level of people sooner of later.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid19-1.htm for the better understanding of COB LED flood light.

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Why the LED lighting especially the commercial PIR LED flood light is popular

A ) policies promote

The Guangdong Provincial People’s Government issued the ” Guangdong Province promotes the use of LED lighting products embodiment ,” on May 23, 2012,  according to objectives of the program , the annual output value of the LED industry including the commercial PIR LED flood light achieve would be 50 billion yuan by the end of ” Twelfth Five-Year ” period. Program referred to popularize the field of public LED lighting especially the PIR LED flood light in Guangdong Province during three years, including LED street light and LED tunnel light lighting up the roads , PIR LED flood light lighting at public places, government agencies, interior commercial LED lighting specializing in the construction field state-owned or state-owned enterprises such as financial capital invest; the program also mentioned accelerate the popularization of social LED lighting,interior LED lighting is a major demand for the product .

PIR LED flood light

The State Science and Technology issued a ” semiconductor lighting technology development Twelfth Five-Year special plan .” on July 3, 2012 ,  Accordance with the objectives set in the plan , LED industry would reach 500 billion yuan scale in China by 2015. And the scale of China’s LED industry output was only 192 billion yuan in 2012 , there is still a large gap reaching 500 billion yuan . Currently , PIR LED flood light and other LED lighting have become the largest LED applications, the growth of LED industrial scale will drive the growth of indoor LED lighting in future.

The National Development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly developed a ” semiconductor lighting energy industry planning .” on January 10, 2013.Accordance with the objectives set in the plan , all of the 60W incandescent lamp for general lighting above will be eliminated by 2015, the market share will drop to below 10% ; lighting products, the market share of energy saving lamps and other traditional energy- efficient will be stable at around 70%; the market share of PIR LED flood light and other functionality LED lighting products will be over 20%. the average annual growth of output value of LED lighting industry will be around 30% in 2015, reaching 450 billion yuan ( including180 billion yuan LED lighting applications such as PIR LED flood light ) .

( B) the price decline

The price is too high, immature technology has been the main factors hindering the popularity of commercial PIR LED flood light and other commercial LED lights or interior LED lighting. Having developed for few years, LED lighting technology has been greatly improved , and now is no longer a barrier to the promotion of commercial PIR LED flood light and interior LED lighting . as the technology advances and market competition becomes more intense , PIR LED flood light and other LED lighting products at lower prices also continue, the retail price of the global60W LED bulbs has dropped by 28% in 2013.Browsing http://www.lead-lighting.com/led-flood-light/high-power-waterproof-pir-led-flood-light-series.htm,you must find pretty optional but competitive PIR LED flood light.

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